Rudolf III. from Sulz

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Count Rudolf von Sulz with rosary, next to Count Eberhard von Nellenburg, who is snorting. ( State Museum Württemberg )

Rudolf III. von Sulz (* before 1390 ; † 1431 probably at Balm Castle ) was Landgrave of the Landgraviate of Klettgau and Lord zu Rotenberg from the family of the Counts of Sulz .


Rudolf was a son of Hermann von Sulz and on July 6, 1408 married the heir to Count Johann von Habsburg , Ursula von Habsburg-Laufenburg (* around 1390; † 1460 in Waldshut) according to a contract . They left the following children:

Seat at the Balm Castle

Rudolf III. von Sulz lived at Balm Castle with his wife Ursula and three sons (Johann, Rudolf and Alwig) until his early death. Countess Ursula and her underage sons Ludwig and Alwig lived there until the castle was destroyed and captured by the Schaffhausen family in 1449. (Johann took over the office of court judge in Rottweil). Schaffhausen later paid ten thousand guilders as compensation under imperial pressure, but insisted that Balm Castle should never be built again. Countess Ursula therefore lived in Waldshut until her death (1460).


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predecessor Office successor
Count Johann von Habsburg Landgraf im Klettgau
1405 (unofficial, represented by his father); then 1408 - 1431
Alwig X. von Sulz

Individual evidence

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