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Bader's birthplace: Tiengen Castle, north side

Joseph Bader (* December 20, 1805 in Tiengen Castle in Klettgau , today Waldshut-Tiengen ; † February 7, 1883 in Freiburg im Breisgau ) was a German archivist and historian who worked at the Grand Ducal Badisches Landesarchiv in Karlsruhe .


Joseph Bader was born in 1805 as the son of an official from the Schwarzenberg family in the old von Sulz castle in the southern corner room of the lower floor (according to the memorial plaque on the castle). His youth was shaped by the surroundings of the castle, the old paintings, books and the extensive Klettgau archive. He first studied theology in Freiburg, later law, was expelled due to membership in the Germania Freiburg fraternity . Instructed in this way, he turned to his real destiny, historical research. Despite difficult times for the student, his first larger work was published in 1834: Badische Landesgeschichte . He became an assistant in the state archives, received a doctorate in philosophy, became a chancellor (1842), assessor (1844) and archivist (1854). His numerous works on history have appeared among others. a. in the magazine for the history of the Upper Rhine and in the magazine Badenia, which he published . In 1872 he retired, after the death of his wife he moved to Freiburg, where he died in 1883; he received an honorary grave of the city of Freiburg next to the historian Heinrich Schreiber .


  • A street was named in his honor in Tiengen.


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