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Friedrich von Weech

Friedrich Otto Aristides von Weech (born October 16, 1837 in Munich ; † November 17, 1905 in Karlsruhe ) was a German archivist and historian.


Friedrich Weech was the son of captain Friedrich Joseph von Weech (1794–1837), who was in royal Greek service, and his wife Augusta, née von Guetmann. He passed the Abitur at the Maximiliansgymnasium in Munich in 1856 , with Wilhelm von Bezold and Hermann von Stengel , among others . He then studied law and history in Munich , Heidelberg and Berlin . In Heidelberg he became a member of the Corps Guestphalia in 1858 . In 1860 he received his doctorate in Munich with the dissertation Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian and King John of Bohemia . In 1865 he married Therese Seuffert (1842–1900), with whom he had three daughters.

He then worked on the publication of the German City Chronicles for the Historical Commission at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Munich under the direction of the Erlangen historian Karl Hegel . He took over the historical processing of the report by Erhard Schürstab († 1461) contained in the second volume of the Nuremberg Chronicles about the so-called margravial war from 1449 to 1450.

In 1862 he completed his habilitation as a private lecturer in history at the University of Freiburg . After two years of activity, he was appointed to the Grand Ducal Court Library in Karlsruhe in 1864 . His predecessor in office was Joseph Bader . He was appointed archivist at the General State Archives in 1868 and Director in 1885. During his tenure, the General State Archives were elevated to a scientific institute and the "Inventories of the Grand Ducal Baden General State Archives" began to be published. In 1883 he became secretary of the newly founded Baden Historical Commission.

Von Weech made great contributions to the city of Karlsruhe through his involvement in setting up the city ​​archive . In 1888, three years after its founding, he was appointed to the city archive commission, of which he was a member until shortly before his death. On behalf of the archive commission, von Weech wrote a three-volume city ​​history , the first volume of which appeared in 1895 and which was completed in 1904. In addition, he was an important regional historian . From 1901 he was a corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences .



He was awarded the titles of Grand Duke of Baden Chamberlain and Privy Councilor and, in 1872, the Württemberg Order of Olga .

Weechstrasse in the east of Karlsruhe was named after him.


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  • Correspondence and files on the history of the Ministerial Conferences of Karlsbad and Vienna 1819–20 and 1834. Leipzig 1865.
  • History of the constitution of Baden. Karlsruhe 1868.
  • Baden in the years 1852 to 1877. 1877, in 102,000 copies, on the occasion of the reign of the Grand Duke of Baden.
  • "From old and new times", supplements and articles. Leipzig 1878.
  • The Germans since the Reformation. 1878.
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  • Baden biographies . Heidelberg 1875, compilation in two volumes, addendum 1881 ( digitized version ), later continued by other editors
  • “Codex diplomaticus Salemitanus” document book of the Cistercian Abbey of Salem (1134–1498). 3 volumes, Karlsruhe 1883–1895.
  • Seals and documents from the Baden General State Archives. Frankfurt 1883–1886.
  • Regesta on the history of the bishops of Constance. Innsbruck 1886 ff.
  • Baden history. Karlsruhe, A Bielefeld, 1890.
  • Karlsruhe. History of the city and its administration. 3 volumes, Karlsruhe 1895–1904 ( digitized version )
  • Weech was also co-editor of the magazine for the history of the Upper Rhine from 1868 .

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