Amadio da Milano

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Amadio da Milano , actually Amadio Amadei (* around 1420 , † 1483 ) was an Italian goldsmith .


The time and place of his birth are not known for certain, he was the son of Antonio Amadei from Castronago . Amadio worked in Ferrara from 1437 “as an employee” for the ruling Este family until his death. His most famous work is the three-piece set, consisting of two confectionery bowls and a vase , which he made for Borso d'Este from 1465 to 1466 . The confectionery bowls on lion's feet were made of gilded silver and decorated with garlands and enamel inlays, which contained the coat of arms of the House of Este . Gilded decorations and the unicorns of Borso d'Este were attached to these . The vase was in the shape of a bucket and a gold-plated unicorn was mounted on it. The total weight of the three lost art objects was 78.75  oz .

Amadio da Milano also created medals for Niccolò III. d'Este and his son Leonello d'Este . Amadio da Milano's sons Giovan Battista and Pietro also became goldsmiths.

His will was made out in Ferrara on August 6, 1483, and in 1484 he is mentioned as deceased.

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