Ambrosia software

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Ambrosia Software, Inc.

legal form Corporation
founding 1993
Seat Rochester , New York , USA
management Andrew Welch
Branch software

Ambrosia Software was a software maker and computer game publisher based in Rochester , New York , mainly making Mac software. The software was marketed as shareware and functional demo versions could be downloaded from the manufacturer's website for 30 days. While its most commercially successful product was the Snapz Pro X utility , the company was primarily known as a game maker. Among other things, he created the video game series Escape Velocity (Escape Velocity, Escape Velocity Override and Escape Velocity Nova) and published the Mac editions of the titles of the independent game manufacturer Introversion Software .


The company was founded on August 18, 1993 by Andrew Welch after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology . The first game was Maelstrom , which follows the model of the classic Asteroids . It quickly became popular in the Macintosh scene and won a number of software awards.

This first success led to the publication of a number of other games, each taking up the concept of an arcade classic game that was implemented using more modern means, for example Apeiron (modeled on Centipede ), Bubble Trouble (based on Pengo ), and Swoop (based on Galaxian ).

After the shareware from Ambrosia was initially explicitly only Nagware , since and including the game Ferazel's Wand (published on December 23, 1999), Crippleware has been used.

With the launch of the Apple App Store in summer 2008, Ambrosia Software began to offer iPhone and later iPad games on this new distribution channel.

Since 2017 customers have been trying in vain to contact "Ambrosia Software". The company obviously no longer exists.


Ambrosia Software's unofficial mascot is a parrot named Hector who also appears in the shareware game Escape Velocity to remind the player to pay.


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