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District court Hamm

The Hamm District Court is a court of ordinary jurisdiction based in Hamm . It is one of the district courts sponsored by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia . It is also the registry court for the districts of the district courts of Kamen and Unna . The Hamm district court has also been the seat of a public prosecutor's office since 1929 , which is now a branch of the public prosecutor's office at the Dortmund regional court .

District Court District

The district court is responsible for the city of Hamm. Around 183,000 people live in the 226 km² judicial district .

Superior courts

That the district court Hamm parent district court is the District Court of Dortmund , in turn, the Hamm Court is under.



The current building of the district court was built from 1926 to 1929 on Borbergstrasse and the company moved into on August 15, 1929. It was badly damaged by bombs in 1944 and was not rebuilt in the old style until 1948, which meant that a not inconsiderable part of the interior furnishings described as opulent was lost. On June 3, 1985 the building was listed as a historical monument.

The building is a three-wing complex made of brick and stone with a hipped roof . The façade addition to the characteristic rectangular lattice windows , set-on high Pidestalen colossal pilaster with ionic capitals . The door frames of the building are decorated with reliefs and the dormers also have decorations.

More recently, a handicapped accessible elevator with an external ramp for wheelchair users has been built into the building.


The Hamm District Court entered service with this regulation from Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1878.

"We Wilhelm, by the grace of God, King of Prussia, decree on the basis of Section 21 of the Implementing Act to the German Courts Constitution Act of April 24, 1878 (Law Collection, p. 230) what follows:

§ 1 Local courts are established: ... in the district of the Regional Court of Dortmund: to ... Hamm, ...

§ 2 This ordinance comes into force at the same time as the German Courts Constitution Act of January 27, 1877. Documented under our signature and with the imprinted royal seal. Given at the Neues Palais near Potsdam, June 26th 1878. On the very highest order of His Majesty the King Friedrich Wilhelm, Crown Prince LS "

After the establishment, it took until October 1, 1879 until the first district court councilors Kapp and Dierichs were appointed at the royal district court in Hamm. The district court was housed from 1878 to 1894 in the former inn "City of London" at St. Paul's Church. In 1894, the Royal District Court moved together with the Royal Higher Regional Court of Hamm to a new building built between 1890 and 1894 on what was then Friedrichplatz, which today houses the town hall of Hamm. The district court has had its seat there since the construction of the second new building on Borbergstrasse. Between 1959 and 1978 the Hamm Regional Labor Court was also housed in the building. The Hamm Labor Court , the Main Justice Treasury at the Higher Regional Court and the land registry office also shared this accommodation at times .

With the municipal reform of 1975, the district court district of Hamm expanded to include the former towns and current districts of Bockum-Hövel and Heessen . Since July 1, 1977, the Hamm District Court has also been responsible for divorces, while at the end of 1988 it handed over the dunning procedure to the Hagen District Court.

The commercial register in Hamm shows around 2122 companies and the register of associations around 813 associations. The connected land registry administers around 47212 land registers.

District Court Directors

Since 1950 the district court has had nine directors.

  • 1950–1951: Director Quaatz
  • 1952–1969: Ernst Ballke
  • 1970–1975: Wolfgang Sperber
  • 1976–1987: Hubert Hagedorn
  • 1987–1989: Hermann Rottmann
  • 1989–2008: Jürgen Dietrich
  • 2008–2013: Jürgen Twittmann
  • 2014–2017: Michael Kretschmer
  • since 2018: Ingo Arndt

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