Anchialos glacier

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Anchialos glacier
location Ellsworthland , West Antarctica
Mountains Sentinel Range , Ellsworth Mountains
length 8.5 km
width Max. 3.4 km
Coordinates 77 ° 51 '50 "  S , 85 ° 24' 30"  W Coordinates: 77 ° 51 '50 "  S , 85 ° 24' 30"  W
Anchialos Glacier (Antarctica)
Anchialos glacier
drainage Newcomer Glacier

The Anchialos Glacier ( Bulgarian ледник Анхиало lednik Anchialo ) is a 8.5 km long and 3.4 km wide glacier in the west Antarctic Ellsworthland . In the Sostra Heights of the northern Sentinel Range in the Ellsworth Mountains, it flows north of the lower section of Embree Glacier , east of Sabazios Glacier and northwest of Wit Piedmont Glacier from the northeastern slopes of Mount Malone and the western slopes of Bracken Peak in a northerly direction to the Newcomer Glacier , which he reaches east of Mount Lanning .

American scientists mapped it in 1961. The Bulgarian Commission for Antarctic Geographical Names named it in 2014 after the ancient city of Anchialos in southeastern Bulgaria .

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