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Georg Andreas Birken (born September 12, 1942 in Stuttgart ; † November 21, 2019 in Hamburg ) was a German historian, cartographer, composer and philatelist.


Andreas Birken studied music at the University of Stuttgart from 1962 to 1963 and moved to the University of Tübingen in 1963 , where he studied history, political science and Islamic studies. During this time he worked on Meyer's Encyclopedic Lexicon and the Great Historical World Atlas of the Bavarian School Book Publishing House.

The doctorate took place in 1970 with a thesis on The Sultanate of Zanzibar in the 19th century . Birken then became a research assistant at the Department of Modern History of the History Department of the University of Tübingen, since 1972 as an employee of the Collaborative Research Center 19, Tübingen Atlas of the Middle East , of the German Research Foundation .

In 1978 he became head of documentation for the Merian magazine in Hamburg , and in 1981 he became an editor at GLOBUS map service, where he had also been managing director since 1983. Since 2001 he has worked as a freelance writer.

Since 1994, Birken has also been the editor of the Turkish Mirror and the newsletter of the Ottoman Empire / Turkey Working Group in the Association of German Philatelists (AROS) as well as an active member of the India & South Asia Research Association (FGI). In 2014, Birken was awarded the winning prize for philatelic literature.

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