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Bust of Andreas I.
Andreas I., lithograph by Josef Kriehuber after a drawing by Moritz von Schwind , ca.1828

Andreas I. Hungarian András I. (* 1015 , † 1060 ), son of Vazul of the House of Árpád was from 1047 until shortly before his death, King of Hungary .


After a phase of battles for the throne that followed the death of Stephen I (1038), after the death of Peter Orseolo and Andreas again an Arpade came to the Hungarian throne. Under Sámuel Aba's rule, Andreas and his brother Levente had previously been exiled from Hungary and had found refuge in the Kievan Rus . When they returned to Hungary from there in 1046, the pagan Levente and the Christian baptized Andrew initially supported the pagan circles that had gained influence during the turmoil of the throne. After Andreas had been crowned king in Stuhlweissenburg in 1047 and had consolidated his rule through military successes, however, he again promoted Christianization.

Even as the Hungarian king, Andreas remained closely connected to his former exile, the Kievan Rus. So he married Anastasia the third daughter of the Kiev Grand Duke Yaroslav .

Relations with the empire remained tense: in 1051 and 1052 Heinrich III undertook . two largely unsuccessful campaigns against Hungary. Andreas allied himself in 1053 with Konrad I of Bavaria and thus supported the opposition to the emperor.

In 1057 Andreas tried to arrange his succession by having his five-year-old son Solomon crowned king. This could not take over his inheritance for the time being, because Béla I. Andreas overthrew and took the throne.

Andreas and his family are buried in the family crypt of the Tihany Abbey on Lake Balaton .


From marriage to Anastasia of Kiev:

  • Solomon I (* 1052; † 1087), King of Hungary
  • David († after 1094)
  • Adelheid (* 1040; † 1062), ∞ Vratislav II , King of Bohemia


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