Argos and Nauplia

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Argos and Nauplia was a medieval dominion in Morea .

The de la Roche family owned the Duchy of Athens until 1308 , which went to Walter von Brienne that year . Walter hired the Catalan Company , a group of mercenaries , but was overthrown by them in 1311 . His family remained in the possession of Argos and Nauplia , where his successors called themselves dukes.

Dukes of Argos and Nauplia

  1. Walter II. 1311–1356, son of Walter von Brienne ( Brienne House )
  2. Guido von Enghien (Guy d'Enghien, nephew of Walter von Brienne) 1356-1377, called himself Duke of Athens ( House Enghien )
  3. Maria (Guido's daughter) 1377-1388, called herself Duchess of Athens
  4. Peter Cornaro (Pietro Cornaro, husband of Mary) 1377-1388
Lords (vassals of the previous, from 1388 Venetian vassals)

Argos remained under Venice until 1463 and Nauplia until 1540 ( naval battle of Preveza ).