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Synonyms Arinto de Bucelas, Terrantez da Terceira - for more see the Synonyms section
Art Grape vine ( Vitis vinifera subsp. Vinifera )
Berry color golden yellow
origin Portugal
VIVC no. 602
List of grape varieties

Arinto is an old white wine variety . It is now only grown in Portugal .


Due to the good quality of the white wines produced from it , the worldwide cultivation area was 4446 hectares.

Ampelographic variety characteristics

  • The shoot tip is open. She is hairy white wool. The young leaves are yellowish and bronze-colored (anthocyanin spots).
  • The large dark green leaves are weakly five-lobed. The stalk bay is closed like a lyre. The blade is bluntly serrated.
  • The grape is medium to large in size. The round to slightly oval berries are medium to large in size and golden yellow in color.


The variety is low-yielding and susceptible to raw rot . The plant is sensitive to drought stress.


It is similar because of their fine acidity the Riesling , the two varieties, however, are not related. In Bucelas is white wine "Bucelas" pressed, and the proportion of Arinto must in these wines be at least 75%. The Vinho Verde also contains Arinto grapes .

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