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Arthur Bernstein (also: Artur Bernstein (born 1878 ; died after 1938 ) was a German concert director and concert agent as well as the namesake of the concert and theater director Arthur Bernstein .


Arthur Bernstein was born into a Jewish family. He and his wife Ottilie Bernstein settled in Hanover at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries , where the two of them jointly took over the Adolph Nagel music shop previously run by Karl Ost . According to the city of Hanover's address book for 1902, the business was located on the ground floor at Georgstrasse 33, while the new owner, as head of the household, lived privately at the time at Rundestrasse 4 .

As a result, the couple began to set up a concert agency and soon made a name for themselves internationally “by organizing successful tours by important artists”. For example, the "Kammersänger Alexander Heinemann was hired under brilliant conditions by the concert directorate Adolph Nagel (Artur Bernstein) in Hanover for a tour through the United States of North America and Canada," whose tour was planned for 1910 and 1911. Even the composer Richard Strauss preferred for himself and his playing with the Dresden court orchestra in Berlin and Dresden the “Concertdirektion Artur Bernstein Hannover, Holzgrabenstr. 6 ".

In the meantime, the young couple had their son Hans Bernstein or Hans Julius Bernstein born on September 13, 1903, and their parents let them attend the Leibniz School . The later conductor and composer emigrated due to the even before the seizure of power by the National Socialists began anti-Semitic harassment in 1936 in the United States , where his name to Harold Byrns changed. However, his father, who was a member of the Reich Association of Jewish Cultural Associations in Germany, was imprisoned during the November pogroms on November 10 and 11, 1938 in the Hanover police prison or in the gym of the police headquarters of the former war school .

An inscription on the family grave at the Bothfeld Jewish cemetery commemorates Arthur and Ottilie Bernstein .

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