Atlantica SuperSplash

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Atlantica SuperSplash
Atlantica SuperSplash
Location Europa-Park
( Rust , Germany )
Type Steel - seated
model SuperSplash
category Water roller coaster
Drive type Chain lift hill
Manufacturer Mack Rides
opening March 19, 2005
length 390 m
height 30 m
Max. gradient 50 °
Max. speed 80 km / h
Travel time 3:20 min
capacity 1400 people per hour
dare 6 cars, 4 rows of seats / car, 4 seats / row of seats
elements 2 × rotating platform,
Inversions 0
Subject area Portugal
Theming Pirates / seafaring

Atlantica SuperSplash in Europa-Park ( Rust , Baden-Wuerttemberg , Germany ) is a water coaster model SuperSplash from the manufacturer Mack Rides , which was opened on March 19, 2005 for the 30th anniversary of the park.

The railway forms the cornerstone for the “Portugal” theme area, which was also opened in 2005. With a height of 32 meters, it is the fourth highest roller coaster in the amusement park after Silver Star , Blue Fire Megacoaster and Wodan - Timburcoaster . On the final descent into the 4400 m² lake specially created for the railway, the wagons reach top speeds of 80 km / h. The facility extends over a total area of ​​15,000 m².

Next to the area where the boat dips back into the water, there is a plateau called the “Atlantica shower”, on which visitors can get wet.

For "colder" days, the roller coaster has magnetic brakes on the final drop, which reduce the speed and thus also the wet factor.

There are several water cannons at the exit of the train, one of which can be fired at the passengers by other park visitors. According to the park, the fee for operating the cannon is donated by the park.


After the visitors get into the station, the carriages go straight to the chain lift . This transports the boats to a maximum height of 30 meters. After a short stretch of straight line with a block brake, the car reaches the first rotating platform. This turns the car about 90 ° counterclockwise so that the boat travels backwards through the following section. This is followed by a 36 ° steep and 10 meter high descent that ends in an immediate driveway. This brings the boat into the second rotating platform. This aligns the boat with another 90 ° turn counterclockwise forwards again on the final departure. On this 50 ° steep descent, the boat accelerates to approx. 80 km / h, dips briefly into the water with the baffles attached to the back of the boat to throw a fountain, and again drives over an airtime hill over an artificial island before the boat completely immersed in the water. During the braking of the boat caused by the water, the water is thrown into the air by the special shape of the boats and the baffles, creating a wall of water that envelops the vehicle. This flying splash of water makes the visitors in the boat wet. Once the boat has braked down, it leaves the rails typical of a roller coaster for the first time and swims from there, guided by a concrete channel , freely in a right-hand bend back to the station. In the process, fountains are repeatedly triggered next to the fairway, making the passengers wet again. Before the boat enters the station, it is put back into the rail and thus lifted out of the water.


Atlantica SuperSplash has six cars. 16 people (four rows of four people) can be seated in each carriage.

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Armada Invencible Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village TaiwanRepublic of China (Taiwan) Taiwan 2008
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Coordinates: 48 ° 15 ′ 43.5 "  N , 7 ° 43 ′ 16.2"  E