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Location Europa-Park
( Rust , Germany )
Type Steel - seated
category Spinning Coaster
Drive type Spiral lift / drum lift
Manufacturer Mack Rides
opening 1997
length 984 m
height 28.30 m
Max. gradient 32 °
Max. Bank 67 °
Max. speed 80 km / h
Max. acceleration 4 g
Travel time 4:47 min
capacity 1600 people per hour
Trains 9 trains, 4 carriages / train, 2 rows of seats / carriage, 2 seats / row of seats
Inversions 0
Subject area Russia
Theming Space travel

The Euro-Mir is a steel roller coaster that is located in Europa-Park in Rust . It is in the Russian themed area and was opened in 1997 after a three-year construction period.


The roller coaster in the Spinning Coaster category is 28.30 m high, 984 m long and reaches a speed of 78 km / h. This means that Euro-Mir still holds the world records for height, speed and length in the category of roller coasters with spiral lifts as well as in the category of rides with rotating carriages. The journey takes 4:46 minutes and was built by Heinrich Mack GmbH & Co. KG . The maximum capacity is 1,600 passengers per hour.


The name of the roller coaster was derived from the German-Russian Euro-Mir space flight , which took place in 1994 with the participation of Ulf Merbold . A training module from the Russian space agency, which resembles the former Mir space station and has been owned by Europa-Park for a long time, is integrated into the building and can be viewed. The waiting time is to be shortened by the trance soundtrack “Project Euro-Mir”, which Hell Bopp (Christian Steiger) and Nick Sputt (Ben Hosenseidl) developed especially for Europa-Park. Until 2015, the Euromir still had a Halloween and winter soundtrack, but this was abolished in the 2016 season. That is why "Project Euro-Mir" now runs all year round.

Description of the trip

The Euro-Mir waiting area is designed with UV effects .

The roller coaster carriages can be rotated 360 °, which means that you have to decide whether you want to sit in the direction of travel or against the direction of travel before getting on. A spiral elevator (also called a drum lift, with a huge drum in the middle that pulls the trains up) pulls the roller coaster train up. During the upward journey, the gondolas are rotated, but locked again at the top . The exception here is the first car, which pulls the train upwards on the spiral elevator and therefore cannot turn with it. After a first run, the gondolas are rotated again by 180 ° and locked again. On the way down you drive around mirrored towers, the cars accelerate to up to 78 km / h. Some steep turns follow. At the end of the journey, you pass a very long right-hand bend in which a photo is taken. The g-forces in this passage are highest. Then there is a short left turn, the roller coaster train is braked heavily and drives into the stopping station.


The Euro-Mir has nine trains in the colors red, blue, green and purple, each with four cars. Four people (two people forwards and two people backwards) can be seated in each carriage. A total of 16 people can be seated per train. The last car of each train has on-board cameras both at the front and at the rear, the recordings of which can be purchased by each passenger on DVD after the journey.


In the Euro-Mir there is a height restriction for visitors from 1.30 m to 1.95 m and a minimum age of 8 years.

In 2004 there was an accident after a power failure. A brake on one gondola was apparently released too early, so that it hit another at low speed. One youngster broke his leg, the other guests suffered mainly from cervical spine syndromes.

In August 2013 there was another accident when a man forced himself out of the safety bar. The man fell on an escape route alongside the rails and injured his leg, but was otherwise unharmed.

In September 2013, the entire attraction served as the original location for the music video "Project Euro Mir" by Damon Paul. The capsule outside the building was completely closed to visitors by the park.

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Coordinates: 48 ° 15 '53 "  N , 7 ° 43' 11"  E