Atomic bomb (rose)

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Atomic bomb
Synonyms 'Atom Bomb', 'Atomflash', 'Velvet Robe'
group Floribunda rose
breeder Wilhelm Kordes II.
Launch 1953

Cross of
'Obergärtner Wiebecke' × 'Independence'

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The rose variety ' Atombombe ' (syn. 'Atomflash', 'Atom Bomb', 'Velvet Robe') is an orange to fiery-scarlet red, frequently blooming floribunda rose that was introduced in Germany by Wilhelm Kordes II in 1953 . It was bred from the cross of the red floribunda rose 'Obergärtner Wiebecke', also bred by Wilhelm Kordes II in 1951, and the orange-red floribunda rose 'Independence' (syn. 'Kordes Sondermeldung').


According to the breeder Wilhelm Kordes II, the new rose cultivation with the characteristic bright color should hit the customer "like an atomic bomb". Despite the exceptionally bright color, the rose cultivation was not well received by buyers due to the name and was withdrawn from the market relatively quickly.


The strong-growing rose 'atomic bomb' forms a tall shrub . The rose plant grows up to 300 cm high and 100 cm wide. The orange to scarlet red, 6 to 7 cm large flowers are arranged in large clusters and are formed from around 28 curved petals . The non-fragrant, double-filled flowers last extremely long.

The rose 'atomic bomb' has shiny, medium-green, healthy leaves. The rose is suitable for high-contrast background planting of low flower borders in gardens and is occasionally used as a cut flower . The remontant rose is hardy ( USDA climate zone 6b to 9b) and resistant to the known rose diseases .

Due to its characteristic bright red color, the 'atom bomb' rose variety is shown in numerous rose arias and gardens around the world, including the Petrović Rosarium , the Carla Fineschi Foundation Rose Garden, the Borova Hora Rosarium in Zvolen and the Botanical Garden in Tallinn .

One year before the market launch, the rose cultivation 'Atombombe' was awarded 78.5 points as an ADR rose (No. 4925). Due to the change in the quality criteria, the rating was later revoked.

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