Augustin Friedrich Walther

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Augustin Friedrich Walther

Augustin Friedrich Walther (born October 26, 1688 in Wittenberg , † October 12, 1746 in Leipzig ) was a German doctor , anatomist and botanist . Its official botanical author's abbreviation is " A. Walther ".

Live and act

Augustin Friedrich Walther was a son of Michael Walther the Younger and his wife Anna Coecilia (* 1665; † November 2, 1688), a daughter of Johann Deutschmann . He studied at the University of Wittenberg from May 1, 1699 and later continued his studies at the University of Jena . From 1709 to 1711 Walther toured the Netherlands and England . After his return to Wittenberg, he obtained the degree of Magister on April 30, 1712 and from then on concentrated on studying medicine. Walther moved to the University of Leipzig , where he received his doctorate in medicine in 1713.

Walther completed his habilitation in Leipzig. There he became professor of anatomy and surgery in 1728 and director of the Leipzig Botanical Garden in 1730 . In 1732 Walther became town doctor and professor of pathology . From 1737 until his death he worked as a professor of therapy . In addition, Walther took on organizational tasks at the university and managed the rectorate of the Leipzig University in the summer semesters of 1725 and 1737 .

Walther bequeathed the house, garden, herbarium and property to Christian Gottlieb Ludwig . Walther made important contributions to myology and angiology . In the field of botany, his text Designatio plantarum quas hortus AF Waltheri complectitur , published in 1735, is of particular importance. In it he described several thousand plants that grew in his private botanical garden.

Walther published his findings a. a. in the Acta Eruditorum .

Honor taxon

Carl von Linné named the genus Waltheria of the Mallow family (Malvaceae) in his honor .

Fonts (selection)

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  • Ad anatomiam publicam cadaveris feminae morbo convulsivo… affectae… invitat . leipzig, 1727
  • De articulis, ligamentis et musculis hominis incessu statuque dirigendis in Theatro Anatomico Lipsiensi observationes fecit, denuo recognovit, et iconibus illustravit . Leipzig, 1728
  • Arteriae coeliacae tabulam in anatomes studio desideratam et reliqua publici juris facit . Leipzig, 1729
  • Exercitatione angiologica de vasis vertebralibus observationem novam inter alia tradit . Leipzig, 1730
  • Observationes anatomicas selectas tres de ductu thoracico bipartito, vena bronchiali sinistra, et inferiore arteria hepatica, superioris meseraicae sobole exhibet, et panegyrin medicam indicit . 1731
  • Plantarum exoticarum indigenarumque index . Leipzig, 1732
  • Partus monstrosi historiam et sectionem describit deinde panegyrin medicam indicit . Leipzig, 1732
  • Paris intercostalis et vagi corporis humani nervorum et ab utroque ejus latere obviorum anatomen exhibet postquam expositionem cl. Winslow nuperrime cum cadavere contulit atque panegyrin medicam indicit . Leipzig, 1733
  • Observationes novas de musculis, et professionis anatomes atque chirurgiae ordinariae per decem annos administratae rationes reddit et exhibet, simul ad anatomen publicam viscerum atque sensuum organorum cadaveris masculini d. XXVIII. Ian. MDCCXXXIII. lectorem invitat . Leipzig, 1733
  • Designatio plantarum quas hortus AF Waltheri complectitur. Accedunt novae plantarum icones XXIV . Leipzig, 1735
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  • De temperamentis et deliriis disserit et panegyrin medicam indicit . Leipzig, 1741
  • De atra bile disserit et panegyrin medicam indicit . Leipzig, 1741
  • De sulfur et marte disserit et panegyrin medicam indicit . Leipzig, 1743
  • De nitroso plurium medicatorum fontium sale disserit et panegyrin medicam indicit . Leipzig, 1744
  • De oleis vegetabilium essentialibus disserit et panegyrin medicam indicit . Leipzig, 1745


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