Augustin Keller (General)

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Augustin Keller (born August 22, 1754 in Solothurn , † after 1799) was one of the commanders-in-chief of the army of the Helvetic Republic .

After attending the Jesuit grammar school in Solothurn, he went into French military service and in 1798 was commander of Bruges . In 1798, his appointment as Helvetic Minister of War failed because of the French veto. From November 1798, Keller was in command of the Helvetic Legion and on March 28, 1799 also Commander-in-Chief of the Helvetic elite troops with the rank of Brigadier General. On May 24, 1799, he was relieved of his functions and fled to France. Nothing certain is known about his further life. He is said to have served later for France and also in Batavia (for the Netherlands).

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