Sebastian Peregrin Zwyer

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Sebastian Peregrin Zwyer
Sebastian Peregrin Zwyer

Sebastian Peregrin Zwyer (von Evebach) (* 1597 probably in Klingnau ; † February 15, 1661 in Altdorf UR , Canton Uri ) was a Swiss military, diplomat and politician from the family of the Zwyer von Evibach .


Zwyer was accepted into the Swiss regiment in Milan in 1610 at the age of 13 . In 1619 he joined the Habsburg imperial army and in 1642 became an imperial field marshal lieutenant. 1644 he acquired with his brother Johann Franz Zwyer the rule and lock Hilfikon (in today's Canton Aargau ) and governor to Uri and Tagsatzung Minister , from 1648 Landammann . From 1653 to 1656 he was Commander-in-Chief of the Swiss Army and in 1653 led the Swiss troops ("Lucerne Troops") in the Peasants' War . In the first Villmerger War in 1656, his warfare against Zurich was questioned and criticized; it comes to the " Zwyerhandel ".

Zwyer dies in Altdorf in 1661. Eight of the ten children from his marriage to Maria von Roll, the daughter of the Urner Landammann Johann Peter von Roll , survived the father in 1619 . The Zwyers family died out in 1836 with Baron Franz Sigmund Zweyer, Royal Bavarian Lieutenant General.


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