Charles-Jules Guiguer de Prangins

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Charles-Jules Guiguer de Prangins

Charles-Jules Guiguer de Prangins (born August 26, 1780 in Prangins , † July 7, 1840 in Lausanne ) was a Swiss politician and as a general in 1830 and 1838 commander in chief of the Swiss army .

Guiguer de Prangins was the son of a Swiss officer in the French service. In 1798 he joined the rebellious Vaudois troops, which conquered the Old Confederation under the French General Guillaume Brune . In 1799 he took part in the two battles of Zurich in the Second Coalition War on the French side .

In December 1830, the Diet appointed him general in order to be prepared for the impending war in Europe. Guiguer was appointed general a second time in 1838 when France wanted to force Switzerland to extradite Prince Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte .

As a politician, Guiguer became a Vaudois Grand Councilor at the age of 34 and later served as the Vaud State Councilor from 1827 to 1830 . His family owned the Prangins estate and castle .

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