List of Swiss generals

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Degree badge Degree badge Kepi

Degree badge
shoulder loop / cap

Rank group Commander in Chief of the Army
NATO rank code OF-9
Rank Army / Air Force general
Marine rank -
Abbreviation (in lists) gene
Grade -
Uniform cap of the General of the Swiss Army in World War II, Henri Guisan
Postcard from the four generals of the state

This list of Swiss generals lists all generals appointed during the history of Switzerland .

The general is the highest rank in the Swiss Army . He is reserved for the army commander in chief . A general is only appointed in wartime .

Early modern times , before 1798
general year war Electoral authority
Ulrich von Hohensax (approx. 1462–1538) 1512 / 1513 Pavierzug (Italian campaigns) Daily statute
Hans Ludwig von Erlach-Castelen (1595–1650) 1633 and 1636 Thirty Years' War Daily statute
Wilhelm Bernhard von Muralt (1737–1796) 1792 Occupation of Geneva Daily statute
Karl Ludwig von Erlach (1746–1798) 1798 French invasion Daily statute
Helvetic Republic 1798 - 1803
general year war Electoral authority
Augustin Keller Swiss authorities
Johann Weber Swiss authorities
Joseph Leonz Andermatt Swiss authorities
Pierre from the pasture Swiss authorities
Mediation and Restoration 1803 - 1847
general year war Electoral authority
Niklaus Rudolf von Wattenwyl (1760–1832) 1805 , 1809 and 1813 Mobilizations Daily statute
Niklaus Franz von Bachmann (1740–1831) 1815 Campaign in the Free County Daily statute
Charles-Jules Guiguer de Prangins (1780-1840) 1830 and 1838 Mobilizations Daily statute
Peter Ludwig von Donatz (1782–1849) 1845 Free troop trains Daily statute
Guillaume-Henri Dufour (1787–1875) 1847 Sonderbund War Daily statute
Johann Ulrich von Salis-Soglio (1790–1874) 1847 Sonderbund War Sonderbund
State, from 1848
general year war Electoral authority
Guillaume-Henri Dufour (1787–1875) 1849 , 1856 and 1859 Mobilization: Büsinger trade (1849), Neuchâtel trade (1856) + Savoy trade (1859) Federal Assembly
Hans Herzog (1819-1894) 1870 / 1871 Franco-German War Federal Assembly
Ulrich Wille (1848–1925) 1914 - 1918 First World War Federal Assembly
Henri Guisan (1874–1960) 1939 - 1945 Second World War Federal Assembly

In Switzerland, the usual generic term General for all ranks above the Colonel , i.e. Brigadier General , Major General , Lieutenant General or simply General, is not in use. The corresponding rank designations are in German brigadier , divisional officer and corps commander .

The heads of the Swiss delegation to the Neutral Monitoring Commission in Korea receive the title of Major-General (equivalent to a general) for the duration of their mission .

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