Azzo VII d'Este

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Azzo VII d'Este

Azzo VII. D'Este (* 1205 ; † February 16, 1264 ), also called Azzo Novello , was Margrave of Ferrara from the d'Este family from 1215 to 1222 and from 1240 to 1264 . He was the son of Azzos VI. , who died in 1212 against Ezzelino II da Romano , and a member of the Aldobrandeschi .

In 1222 he had to give way in Ferrara Salinguerra II Torelli . He received the areas of Adria and Rovigo from Emperor Friedrich II . He soon became leader of the Guelphs in the Marche , who turned against the emperor's policies.

Around 1221, Azzo married a Giovanna who gave birth to four children. After her death, on November 19, 1233, he married Amabilia Pallavicini, a second marriage in 1238, who was a daughter of Guido Pallavicini and could not have children herself, but took care of Giovanna's children. Giovanna's son Rinaldo I d'Este , born in 1230, died in a prison in Apulia in 1251 after the emperor had imprisoned him in 1239. Their second child with Azzo was Beatrice II. D'Este , who was the abbess of the San Antonio Monastery in Polesine. Against her father's opposition, she made her profession on June 26, 1254 in Santo Stefano della rotta di Focomorto, not far from Ferrara. Her younger sisters were called Cubitosa and Constanza.

In 1240 Azzo was elected Signor of Ferrara and Venice besieged the city. In 1242 he was elected Podestà for life.

In 1249 there was the battle of Fossalta , in which Enzio , son of the emperor, was captured. In 1253 Azzo Podestà became of Mantua . In September 1259 he contributed to the defeat of the imperial henchman Ezzelino III. da Romano at Cassano d'Adda . Pope Alexander IV had called for a crusade against Ezzelino, in which Ferrara, Bologna and Milan also took part.

Obizzo II became his successor .


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