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Badenwerk AG
legal form Corporation
founding July 1921
resolution December 31, 1996
Reason for dissolution fusion
Seat Karlsruhe
Branch power supply

Partial bond for 1000 marks of the Badische Landes Elektrizitätsversorgung AG from March 1922
The Badenwerk building in Karlsruhe, now the district office

The Badische Landes-Elektrizitäts -orgungs AG , later Badenwerk AG , was an energy supply company that existed from July 1921 to December 31, 1996 and was based in Karlsruhe .

The foundation stone was a law from 1912 that regulated the construction and operation of a state hydroelectric power station on the Murg near Forbach in the Black Forest , the Murg Reservoir . The power plant was built during the First World War . Because of the growing demand for electricity, the plant immediately had to be expanded to include a second construction stage, the Schwarzenbachwerk .

The heart and share capital of the newly founded Badische Landes-Elektrizitäts -versorgung AG was this power plant known as the "Murgwerk". The state of Baden brought all power supply systems it owned into this company. In 1938 the name was changed to Badenwerk AG.

The Baden state parliament undertook to keep the entire share capital of Badenwerk AG in state ownership at all times. This obligation was lifted in 1970 by the Baden-Württemberg state parliament . However, the state continued to be the main shareholder of Badenwerk or - after the merger on January 1, 1997 with Energie -versorgung Schwaben AG (EVS) - Energie Baden-Württemberg AG (EnBW). In 1999, the state of Baden-Württemberg sold its EnBW shares to Électricité de France (EDF).


Report of the Großh. Head Office of Water and Road Construction (Department for Water Power and Electricity) on the status of the electricity supply in the Grand Duchy of Baden at the end of 1913. Supplement no. 42 a to the minutes of the 17th public meeting of the Second Chamber of the Baden Land estates on January 22, 1914.


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