Barbarian Dave

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Television series
German title Barbarian Dave
Original title Dave the Barbarian
Country of production United States
original language English
year 2004
length 22 minutes
Episodes 21 in 1 season
genre Comedy
idea Douglas Langdale
music Shawn Patterson
First broadcast January 23, 2004 (USA) on Disney Channel
first broadcast
September 1, 2004 on Disney Channel

Barbarian Dave is an American animated series released in 2004 by the Walt Disney Company . A total of 21 episodes were produced and broadcast.


Barbarian Dave lives with his family in the fictional medieval country of Udrogoth . His parents, the royal couple Throktar and Glimia, are on a constant trip around the world to fight evil, while Oswitch is supposed to keep an eye on the children. But they are in contact with their homeland through a crystal ball. They have given their eldest daughter, Princess Candy, the government of the empire for the time of their absence, although as a young woman she has other interests and regards rule as a burden, but also as a privilege.

However, the land of Udrogoth is regularly haunted by all kinds of villains and scoundrels. The recurring rogues include "the dark ruler Chuckles, the silly pig", a little pig lord who aims to rule Udrogoth, as well as the beautiful "Princess Irmoplotz", a schizophrenic, but mostly evil princess who is on vengeance muses.

Dave, the king's son, is a strong giant, but unfortunately of a meek, fearful and naive spirit, which is why his family always has to push him to do his job as the defender of Udrogoth. The youngest of the three siblings, and by far the wildest and “most barbaric”, is Fang. Because of this, and because of her aggressive and quick-tempered nature, she is often mistaken for a monkey, which always upsets her.

An important role in the series is played by the narrator, who leads the series with his mocking comments and directs the entire plot. He, who never appears as a physical person, speaks to both the viewers and the characters of the series. Due to his supremacy, he was caught in an episode of Chuckles and while in custody he was forced to make certain comments, in the sense of Chuckles, until he was freed by Dave.


main characters

  • Barbarian Dave : Dave may be tall, strong and muscular, but he's shy, naive and a bit simple-minded. He prefers to pass the time with "unmanly" activities such as origami , knitting, cleaning or reading and loves pudding, roses and kittens. As a result, his sister, Fang, has constant problems persuading him to fight. He was only a barbarian because he thought that was a librarian ( librarian ), who also cuts hair ( barber ). Since this play on words was not possible in the German translation, Dave claims here that he only became a barbarian because he thought this was Barbie's boyfriend.
  • Fang : Fang is Dave's little sister who has a bone in her hair. She is very quick-tempered and combative. Often she is mistaken for a monkey because of her aggressive nature and appearance , which she screams angry with "I'm not a monkey!" (in the original: Not a monkey! ) replied. Most of all, Fang would be a fighter and as big and strong as Dave, since she cannot even take on an amoeba due to her small size (amoeba wrestling). However, she is unbeaten at beetle crushing.
  • Candy : Like most princesses in fairy tales, Candy is extremely bitchy and cocky. Her appearance is almost more important to her than family. She is the "secret leader" of the clan. Sometimes she is in danger because of her buying frenzy. Her best friends are Kunigunde and Binky.
  • Uncle Oswitch : Uncle Oswitch is a long-bearded, very simple-minded wizard. His magic tricks almost always go wrong, but sometimes succeed when fighting evil. He actually didn't graduate from a wizarding school, only worked on one as a cook, which he always kept a secret.
  • Lula : She's a 20,000 year old magic sword with a very loose mouth. Her favorite thing to do is make sarcastic remarks. She is very aggressive and bloodthirsty, which is why she is not happy with her current owner Dave in this regard. She often finds funny comparisons for Dave's lack of bravery (e.g. "You are tough as a bunch of kittens"). Her previous owner got rid of her because of a different speaking sword. It is related to many other known weapons. Her sister Molly , Mjölnir , is the hammer of Thor and her cousin is the trident of Poseidon .
  • Faffy : The pet is quite a "rude" and stupid little dragon . He often accidentally attacks Dave instead of the enemy. It spits lightning bolts and is once described by the trader Brunhilde as a "stupid, flying potato". His name is a reference to Fafnir .
  • Throktar and Glimia : They are the parents of Dave, Fang and Candy, as well as the sister-in-law and brother of Uncle Oswitch. They are the rulers of Udrogoth and themselves involved in the fight of good against evil and on their travels, which is why they have transferred the government duties to Candy.
  • Twinkle : The magical horse is a constantly philosophizing and melancholy Pegasus , but whose wings are crippled. He has many terrible dreams, and Candy replies that she has to get him out of the stable more often.

Supporting characters

  • Kunigunde and Binky : Candy’s best friends. You enjoy talking to Candy about fashion and you're not exactly smart.
  • Brunhilde : A dealer in Udrogoth who can often be seen in the series. She is interested in money and is selling her goods to customers in her various ways.
  • The Queen of Moles : She rules the moles in Udrogoth. It is not known whether she is one of the good guys or the bad guys in Udrogoth, because in episode 7 she appeared as the bad guy, in episode 10 as one of the good guys.

Bad guys

  • The dark ruler Chuckles, the silly pig : he calls himself "The dark pig lord ". He is the main antagonist of the barbarians and a master at making up bad plans, but he is quite a small anthropomorphic pig, which is why he is not taken very seriously, which includes his immature plans. In his possession is the mystical amulet of boar boar. He uses a kind of magic mirror to seek advice. His evil laugh is referred to as "one of the best" among experts in evil madmen.
  • Princess Irmoplotz : She is an attractive, seductive and bitterly angry princess. Irmoplotz is good on his father's side. Nothing more is known about her father and he never appears. She tries several times to pull Dave over to the evil side. She is the daughter of Empress Zathura, an even more powerful, but not quite so evil, ruler. Irmoplotz was once with Dave, but she could not overcome their good-evil differences, which is why Dave ended the relationship. Now she seeks revenge ("Nobody breaks up with an evil princess!").
  • Qwazmir : He is a huge monster with a snake body that is very fond of destroying cities and landscapes. His weakness is that he is a mummy's boy and loves shiny things. Often Qwazmir loses the thread in his extravagant speeches and then ends the sentence abruptly and confusedly ("Those who don't obey me should ... train circus animals!"). He always combs his sparse hair from one side of his head over his bald head.
  • Ned Frishman : He is a time traveler from the future , the year 1994. In his time he lived a dissatisfied life as a zipper sewer until he discovered Udrogoth through an enchanted zipper. He wanted to change the time in one episode and rise to world ruler by distributing handheld game consoles ( Game Guys based on the Game Boy ) in order to make the barbarians addicted and thus dependent on him. In another episode, he tries again to gain control through old jokes, which are completely new to the barbarians and they love him until he just repeats himself at some point.
  • Malsquando : The magician Malsquando is Oswitch's worst enemy. He is very dangerous because he has learned the magic very carefully and, unlike Oswitch, is good at it. Because of his failure as a magician, he is always ridiculed for him.


figure Original speaker German speaker
Dave Danny Cooksey
Kevin Michael Richardson (vocals)
Norman Matt
Catch Tress MacNeille Bianca Krahl
Candy Erica Luttrell Dorette Hugo
Oswich Kevin Michael Richardson Hans-Werner Bussinger
Lula Estelle Harris Philine Peters-Arnolds
Faffy Frank Welker
Twinkle Jeff Bennett Norbert Gescher
Chuckles Paul Rugg Detlef Bierstedt
Irmoplotz Melissa Rivers
Throckar Kevin Michael Richardson Jürgen Kluckert
Glimia Erica Luttrell Liane Rudolph
teller Jeff Bennett Norbert Langer

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