Barton Warren Evermann

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Portrait of Barton Warren Evermann

Barton Warren Evermann ( October 24, 1853 in Albia - September 27, 1932 in Berkeley ) was an American ichthyologist .


Evermann was born in Iowa on October 24, 1853 and grew up in Indiana . In college he befriended David Starr Jordan , with whom he later published many scientific articles. After graduating from college, he taught public schools in Indiana and California for ten years.

Evermann married Meade Hawkings on October 24, 1875. The marriage produced a daughter and a son. From 1886 to 1914 he held various positions for the US Bureau of Fisheries. In 1914 he became director of the California Academy of Sciences . He held this office until his death on September 27, 1932. Evermann was buried in the Burlington, Indiana cemetery.

In his honor, the deep-sea fish family Evermannellidae (saber-toothed fish ), the goby genera Evermannia and Evermannichthys , the cactus Mammillaria evermanniana and the Monte Evermann on the Mexican island of Socorro were named after him. He is also the namesake for Evermann Cove , a bay on Bird Island in the South Atlantic.


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