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Basil Ruysdael (born July 24, 1878 in Jersey City , New Jersey , USA , † October 10, 1960 in Hollywood , California , USA ) was an American opera singer ( bass ), vocal teacher and actor .


Ruysdael first worked for the Savage Opera Company and went to Europe in 1907 for further training. From 1910 to 1918 he was at the Metropolitan Opera , where he performed mainly Italian opera roles. During the First World War he performed with the likes of Enrico Caruso and Geraldine Farrar . It was not until 1918 that Ruysdael began his acting career on the New York stage. In 1923 he moved to California , where he also worked as a vocal teacher, but later moved back to Manhattan. Perhaps his most famous student was the opera singer Lawrence Tibbett .

In 1929 Ruysdael appeared as a police investigator in the comedy The Cocoanuts on the side of the Marx Brothers for the first time in a Hollywood film. For the next 20 years he worked again in Manhattan as an actor on plays, radio productions and the occasional film. Not until 1949 did he move to Hollywood, where he became a busy supporting actor for the next eleven years until his death. He often embodied figures of authority such as high-ranking officers, university deans, priests, bishops and judges.

Ruysdael died at the age of 82 after complications from surgery in a Hollywood hospital. He was buried in the Lawn Memorial Park in Omaha .


  • 1929: The Cocoanuts
  • 1949: Women around Dr. Corday (The Doctor and the Girl)
  • 1949: Pinky
  • 1949: Horizon in flames / storm over the Pacific (Task Force)
  • 1949: ... and heaven laughs at it (Come to the Stable)
  • 1949: outlawed (Colorado Territory)
  • 1950: In the Heat of the South / The Tiger of Texas (High Lonesome)
  • 1950: The Broken Arrow
  • 1950: One Way Street
  • 1950: Thelma Jordon criminal case (The File on Thelma Jordon)
  • 1950: There's a Girl in My Heart
  • 1951: People Will Talk
  • 1951: Half Angel
  • 1951: My Forbidden Past
  • 1951: Raid at Raton Pass (Raton Pass)
  • 1951: The Scarf
  • 1951: End of the line murder (Gambling House)
  • 1952: Carrie
  • 1952: Tommy makes the race (Boots Malone)
  • 1954: Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier
  • 1954: Hotel Shanghai (The Shanghai Story)
  • 1954: Prince Eisenherz (Prince Valiant)
  • 1955: Pirate Blood / Pirate Bride (Pearl of the South Pacific)
  • 1955: The Seeds of Violence (Blackboard Jungle)
  • 1955: Rauhe Gesellen (The Violent Men)
  • 1956: The Heart of a Millionaire (These Wilder Years)
  • 1956: The Man Without Fear (Jubal)
  • 1956: Diane - Courtesan of France (Diane)
  • 1958: The Last Hurray (The Last Hurray)
  • 1959: The Horse Soldiers
  • 1960: The Book of Ruth (The Story of Ruth)
  • 1961: 101 Dalmatians (One Hundred and One Dalmatians)


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