Thelma Jordon criminal case

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German title Thelma Jordon criminal case
Original title The File on Thelma Jordon
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1950
length 100 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Robert Siodmak
script Ketti Frings
production Hal B. Wallis
music Victor Young
camera George Barnes
cut Warren Low

Criminal case Thelma Jordon (original title: The File on Thelma Jordon ) is in black and white twisted American film noir of Robert Siodmak dating from the 1950s.


Cleve Marshall is assistant to District Attorney Miles Scott. He is married to Pamela Blackwell, who comes from a posh family. But Cleve is unhappy. He feels oppressed by his lofty father-in-law and restricted in his marriage. Cleve starts to drink. One evening he is sitting alone in the prosecutor's office when Thelma Jordan walks in to report a break-in. Cleve is drunk and impressed by the interesting woman. They spend the evening together and Cleve falls in love. He begins a relationship with Thelma Jordan.

But something is wrong with Thelma Jordan. She is careful, sometimes scared, and confesses to Cleve that she is married just like him. With a certain Tony Laredo, who has disappeared. One evening Thelma's rich Aunt Vera wakes up to a noise, she gets up, takes a pistol and disappears into an adjoining room. A shot is fired. Like every evening, Cleve waits for Thelma in his office and calls her. She tells him that something terrible has happened and that he should come to her. Aunt Vera was shot. Thelma tells Cleve that in a panic, she removed all fingerprints, checked the safe, and the jewelry was stolen. You suspect Tony Laredo. Cleve sees that Thelma could be suspected due to missing traces and helps her. His love for this mysterious woman is now so great that he does not realize how he is used by her. His help ruins his career and life. Thelma is charged with robbery and murder. Cleve purposely loses the trial.


The Thelma Jordon criminal case opened in American cinemas on January 18, 1950 and in German cinemas on March 25, 1952 .


"Exciting crime drama with captivating camera work and a leading actress who pulls out all the stops."

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