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Beatallica 2006
Beatallica 2006
General information
Genre (s) Heavy metal , fun metal
founding 2001
Founding members
Jaymz Lennfield
Krk Hammettson (until 2006)
McBurtney cliff
Ringo Larz
Current occupation
Jaymz Lennfield
Grg Hammettson (since 2006)
McBurtney cliff
Ringo Larz

Beatallica is an American band from the midwestern United States . The band combines the heavy metal sounds of Metallica with typical Beatles motifs . Jaymz's vocals are very reminiscent of the intonation of James Hetfield , the singer of Metallica.

Each of their song titles is a variation of a Beatles title (e.g. Hey Dude ) or Metallica (e.g. For Horsemen ), or a combination of both (e.g. The Thing That Should Not Let It Be ). The lyrics are a satire of lyrics by Metallica and the Beatles. Most of the time they don't make much sense and are just supposed to be funny. The melodies of the Beatles songs were usually used and the riffs from Metallica were used (For Horsemen, for example, is the melody from the Beatles song " For No One ", the accompanying riffs are from "The Four Horsemen" by Metallica and the lyrics are combinations of both lyrics.)

Band history

The band played their first album A Garage Dayz Nite on one day in April 2001 within 15 hours without further rehearsals.

For legal reasons, the band originally refrained from pressing and selling their music on CDs or charging for music downloads. They feared payment claims from copyright claims of the two bands parodied in their music. So they put their albums on their website for free download and wanted to remain anonymous. She also encourages her fans to keep spreading the music: “ Download and burn CD-R's to your heart's content. Just thrash and let the metal flow. "

In 2004 the band began touring outside of the United States. In 2007 they also played at the Earthshaker Festival . In 2009 they supported JBO on their 2009 tour.

In February 2005, Sony, as the owner of the copyrights for the Beatles songs, temporarily shut down the Beatallica homepage. "Substantial and irreparable damage" was incurred for Sony. However, the band had the support of Metallica .

Since the first official album was released on CD on July 10, 2007, all downloads have been removed from the band's official homepage. There are many old songs on the album, but also new songs.

In 2008 the single "All You Need Is Blood" was released as a thank you for the fans. The CD only contains a parody of the song " All You Need Is Love " in 13 different languages. a. also in German ("All she needs is blood"). The national anthem of the respective country was played before the actual song. In 2009 they recorded a cover version of the track "A good day to die" in German for the bonus DVD of the album I Don't Like Metal - I Love It by JBO .

Beatallica in December 2009 in Werk II in Leipzig

Band members

Each band member has a stage name , which is made up of the name of a member of Metallica and a member of the Beatles , matching their respective instrument


Originally, their albums were only available for download on the Internet. In the run-up to their first official album, however, the band decided to take the downloads off the Internet.

  • 2001: A Garage Dayz Nite (EP)
  • 2004: Beatallica (EP)
  • 2007: Sgt.Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band (album)
  • 2008: All You Need Is Blood (single)
  • 2009: Masterful Mystery Tour (album)
  • 2009: Winter Plunderband (Christmas EP)
  • 2013: Abbey Load (album)

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