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A mountain jury was a sworn employee of the mining authority , who was responsible for the supervision of the mines . He was an assistant to the miner and had a seat and vote in the mines office. He reported the results of his visits to the Bergmeister. He was also an assessor at a mountain court .

Requirements and tasks

Older miners with a great deal of professional experience from among the miners were usually elected to be the miners' jury. They were held in high esteem by both the Knappschaft and the trades . Occasionally they also took part in visits to other pits. They received a small allowance for their service.

In order for a miner to be appointed a mountain jury, he had to meet certain requirements. So he had to have the necessary mining skills and knowledge and also have knowledge of accounting . Other requirements were honesty and a sense of responsibility.

His tasks included the regular inspection of the shafts , tunnels and sections of the pits in the area entrusted to him. He checked the condition of the pits for safety defects. He also checked the quantity and quality of the purchased materials and checked whether the costs incurred had been properly entered by the shift supervisor .

Well-known mountain jury


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