Bernhard III. (Lip)

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Bernhard III. zur Lippe (* around 1194 ; † around 1265 ) was the sovereign of the Lippe rule .


Bernhard was born around 1194 as the son of nobleman Hermann II and Countess Oda von Tecklenburg . Bernhard succeeded his fallen father as regent of the House of Lippe in 1229 and called himself “by the grace of God” and at times “Count” since 1232.

1254–1256 he was administrator of the Paderborn monastery , was the actual founder of the territorial rule Lippe and gained important positions through the episcopal brother Simon I of Paderborn , so that he could reorganize the organization of the church with his help.

The cities of Horn and Blomberg were sponsored by him. He was in a feud with Lippstadt because he was not allowed to build a castle there. Bernhard III. also led feuds against the County of Ravensberg , the County of Sternberg and against the House of Waldeck . Through these frequent feuds, the Lippe family was severely weakened under his leadership.


Bernhard married Countess Sofie van Cuijck-Arnsberg (and von Rietberg; approx. 1210 to approx. 1245; heiress of the Rheda rule, daughter of Gottfried II. Von Arnsberg and von Rietberg and Elisabeth N), from whose marriage the children


Bernhard concluded his second marriage in 1248 with Countess Sophie von Ravensberg-Vechta (around 1220 until after June 3, 1285), daughter of Count Otto II von Ravensberg and Countess Sophie von Oldenburg . The following children were born from this marriage:


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