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In the pay regulation C which was from 1975 to 2002 federal pay regulation for scientific officer at German universities (u. A. Professors ). It was replaced by the W salary order . The offices were part of the careers of the higher service . It comprised the salary groups C 1 to C 4. For the federal government, the federal salary regulations C applied, for the states the respective state salary regulations C.


The federal salary regulation C replaced the corresponding state salary regulations (mostly referred to as H or AH) as part of the standardization of salary law. It was introduced by the “Second Law for the Unification and New Regulation of Salary Law in the Federal Government and the States” ( 2. BesVNG ) of May 23, 1975 ( Federal Law Gazette I p. 1173 ). Professors and academic civil servants of the federal government had previously been paid according to the federal pay regulations A and B. The transfer was regulated by Article X of the Act.

The federal salary regulation C was officially repealed in 2002 with the reform of the salary of professors and the new regulation of the recruitment requirements for professors. The federal states changed the pay for newly appointed professors between 2002 and 2005. After the federal states regained their legislative competence for the salary of state civil servants on September 1, 2006, there were also state salary regulations C for old cases that were not transferred to the salary regulation W.

The federal salary order C had increasing basic salaries, an older civil servant earned more than a younger one. In contrast, the basic salary rates in the W salary regulations are fixed and also significantly lower than in the federal salary regulations C. However, in the W salary regulations, more allowances can be granted. In the federal salary regulation C, this was only permitted in salary group C 4 and only under special circumstances. A promotion of a professor in grade C 2 to a professor in grade C 3 was common after a certain period of time, but has not been possible since 2005.

Civil servants who are classified in an office of the federal salary regulation C can be transferred to a salary regulation W on their own application.

Grade C1

Grade C2

  • University lecturer 1
  • Senior Assistant 1
  • Chief engineer
  • professor
  • Professor at an art school
  • Professor at a scientific university
    • at an artistic-scientific university
    • insofar as predominantly active in courses in which the tasks of the scientific universities and technical colleges are combined 2
  • University professor at an artistic and scientific university 3
  • University professor

Grade C 3

  • professor
    • at a university of applied sciences
    • at a scientific university with a university of applied sciences courses, if predominantly active in these
  • Professor at an art school
  • Professor at a scientific university 2
  • University professor 4

Grade C 4

  • Professor at an art school
  • Professor at a scientific university 2
  • University professor 4
  • formerly: Full Professor ( Full Professor )


1Receives a job allowance if working as a senior physician at a university clinic.
2 Only at a university that is neither a university nor equivalent to a university according to state law.
3Only if the university has the right to doctorate and habilitation .
4th Also at an artistic and scientific university, if this has the right to doctorate and habilitation.

Salary table (selected seniority levels) / basic monthly salary

Salary for the federal government, as of August 1, 2011
Grade step 1 Level 7 Final stage
C 1: –014
C 1–3: 15
C 1 € 3,040.67 € 3670.73 € 4404.62
C 2 € 3,048.21 € 4050.73 € 5387.39
C 3 € 3,350.98 4486.10 € € 5,999.59
C 4 € 4241.64 € 5382.74 € 6904.15

Since the pay of state officials has been part of the legislative competence of the states again since the federalism reform in 2006, the above values ​​are only guidelines . For the few professors in the federal service, for example at the two universities of the Bundeswehr or at research institutes , they apply directly. In addition to the monthly basic salary rates , there are family allowances regulated by federal and state law , if necessary Christmas and vacation pay , functional allowances and permanently granted allowances due to appointment and stay negotiations for professors in salary group C 4.

Individual evidence

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