Beverbeek Classic

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The Beverbeek Classic is a Belgian one-day road bike race .

The Beverbeek Classic was held for the first time in 1998. Until 2003 a start was reserved exclusively for amateurs. He has been part of the UCI Europe Tour since 2005 and is classified in UCI category 1.2. The race takes place every year at the end of February in Hamont-Achel . The record winner is the Belgian Evert Verbist , who has been the only driver to win the race twice.

Winners list

year winner Second Third
1998 NetherlandsNetherlands Pascal Appeldoorn NetherlandsNetherlands Paul van shells BelgiumBelgium Steven De Cuyper
1999 NetherlandsNetherlands Marcel Luppes BelgiumBelgium Eric Torfs BelgiumBelgium Koen Dierickx
2000 BelgiumBelgium Nico Mestdach BelgiumBelgium Kris Deckers BelgiumBelgium Tom Boonen
2001 BelgiumBelgium Koen Das BelgiumBelgium Jan Klaes BelgiumBelgium Steven Persoons
2002 BelgiumBelgium Philippe Vereecke BelgiumBelgium Tom Braem FranceFrance Mathieu Lamothe
2003 NetherlandsNetherlands Mark Vlijm NetherlandsNetherlands Hans Dekkers BelgiumBelgium Johan Vansummeren
2004 not carried out
2005 BelgiumBelgium Jarno Van Mingeroet NetherlandsNetherlands Hans Dekkers BelgiumBelgium Steve Schets
2006 BelgiumBelgium Evert Verbist NetherlandsNetherlands Tom Veelers NetherlandsNetherlands Alain van Katwijk
2007 BelgiumBelgium Nico Sijmens NetherlandsNetherlands Martijn Maaskant NetherlandsNetherlands Dennis Kreder
2008 BelgiumBelgium Johan Coenen NetherlandsNetherlands Thomas Berkhout GermanyGermany Dominic Klemme
2009 GermanyGermany Andreas Schillinger BelgiumBelgium Maarten Neyens BelgiumBelgium Dennis Vanendert
2010 BelgiumBelgium Yannick Eijssen BelgiumBelgium Edwig Cammaerts BelgiumBelgium Grégory Joseph
2011 BelgiumBelgium Evert Verbist BelgiumBelgium Dries Hollanders BelgiumBelgium Sven Jodts
2012 BelgiumBelgium Tom Van Asbroeck United KingdomUnited Kingdom Ian Wilkinson FranceFrance Alexandre Blain
2013 NetherlandsNetherlands Nick van der Lijke BelgiumBelgium Dries Hollanders NetherlandsNetherlands Tom Vermeer

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