Björn Landström

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Björn Landström (left) and the boat Antilia .

Björn Olof August Landström (* 21 April 1917 in Kuopio , † 7 January 2002 in Helsinki ) a was Finland Swede who as an artist, writer, graphic designer, illustrator and researcher worked and above all through his books on the history of navigation became famous for .

Björn Landström was born in Kuopio in 1917 as the son of the engineer Artur Landström. He moved to Stockholm in 1937 , where he studied at the Reklamkonstskolan . He was a soldier in World War II and afterwards wrote a play that had little success.

He became internationally known in 1961 with the book Das Schiff , which was translated into various languages. Another success was The Ships of the Pharaohs: Ancient Egyptian shipbuilding from 4000 to 600 BC. Chr. (1970, in German 1974), which dealt with ancient Egyptian shipbuilding. Both books are richly illustrated by Landström.


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  • Havet utan ände , Forum, Helsingfors 1953
  • Vägen till Vinland 1954
  • Skeppet, Forum 1961
  • Vägen till India , Bra Böcker, Höganäs 1964
    • German: Knaur's book of early voyages of discovery in colors , Droemer / Knaur 1969
  • Seglande skepp 1969
  • Egyptiska skepp 1970
  • Regalskeppet Vasan , Interpublishing Stockholm 1980, ISBN 91-970221-0-1
  • Själv portrait 1987

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