Blue ruin

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German title Blue ruin
Original title Blue ruin
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2013
length 94 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Jeremy Saulnier
script Jeremy Saulnier
production Macon Blair ,
Tyler Byrne ,
Richard Peete ,
Vincent Savino ,
Alex Orr ,
Anish Savjani
music Brooke Blair ,
Will Blair
camera Jeremy Saulnier
cut Julia Bloch

Blue Ruin is a thriller by Jeremy Saulnier , who on May 17, 2013 at the International Film Festival in Cannes premiered.


The homeless Dwight Evans lives a loner on the fringes of society in his rusty car on the beach in Delaware . Almost every day the man in his mid-thirties with the shaggy beard rummages through the city's rubbish bins in search of leftover food, and occasionally he breaks into empty houses to take a quiet shower or take a warm bath. Dwight used to have everything himself - until his parents were brutally murdered. One day a policewoman who seems to know Dwight brings him news that the man who killed his parents many years ago is about to be released.

Dwight decides to judge his parents' murderer and drives to prison in his blue Pontiac , where he watches the murderer's release. He had previously stolen a revolver when a car was broken into. However, Dwight cannot use it because it is locked with a lock. After tracking down the killer, he stabs him. Little does Dwight suspect, however, that at this moment he and his sister are targeted by the family of the murdered and that he has triggered a spiral of violence and counter-violence through vigilante justice that he can hardly stop.


Staff and cast

Jeremy Saulnier directed the film and also wrote the screenplay for the film and directed the camera. The leading role of Dwight Evans had taken over in the film Saulnier's longtime friend Macon Blair . In their childhood, the two had made films together with Saulnier's video camera, including a film in 1988 called Megacop , in which they handled toy guns and exploded bags of paint under their clothes to imitate blood.

Production costs

The cost of producing the film was $ 420,000, of which $ 38,000 was crowd -funded .


Filming took place at an amusement park in Rehoboth Beach , Delaware and Virginia . Among the filming locations were the homes of Blair's cousin and Saulnier's mother. The blue ruin , the rusty blue Pontiac in which Dwight Evans drives around in the film and also sleeps in it, also belonged to Saulnier's mother.


Blue Ruin premiered on May 17, 2013 at the Cannes International Film Festival and was shown for the first time in Germany on August 27, 2014 as part of the Fantasy Film Festival .



The film won over 96 percent of Rotten Tomatoes ' critics . Metacritic determined a Metascore of 77 out of 100.

Sascha Westphal from says: "The impressive thriller 'Blue Ruin' by Jeremy Saulnier convinces with calm images and the story of a homeless man that comes close to biblical dimensions."

Till Brockmann from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung emphasizes the performance of the main actor: “Certainly, 'Blue Ruin' runs the risk of flattening out a little due to the many omissions and the stingy communicative nature. On the other hand, only the performance of the relatively unknown Macon Blair maintains the tension, as he succeeds in compensating for the character's inaccessibility described with a strong scenic appearance. ”Brockmann also recognizes current references in the film:“ 'Blue Ruin' works with the principle armed revenge or violent vigilante justice, which is particularly widespread in American society and finds its cinematic archetype in westerns, is certainly also a politically explosive and always topical issue. "

The film service praised: “The exciting, atmospherically dense thriller cleverly deals with the subject of revenge and its consequences and does not shy away from playing through retribution right down to its ultimate consequence. A film full of perpetrators, but without heroes, with shocking scenes of violence. "


The film won the Director's Fortnight Prize (FIPRESCI) in Cannes and was nominated for the John Cassavetes Award in 2015 as part of the Independent Spirit Awards .

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