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Bohuslav Všetička , full name Bohuslav Dimitrij Všetička (born September 25, 1893 in Náchod , Austria-Hungary , † August 19, 1942 in Berlin-Plötzensee ), was a Czechoslovak soldier, legionnaire in Russia, general in Czechoslovakia , as well as a leader Member of the resistance group Obrana národa a personality of the resistance against National Socialism .


Bohuslav Všetička attended two military secondary schools in Eisenstadt and Hranice from 1904 to 1911 , then from 1911 to 1914 the Technical Military Academy in Mödling .

In August 1914 Všetička went to the Russian front as a lieutenant, where he was captured in September 1914. In August 1915 he enlisted in the Czechoslovak legions in Russia, where he served as an officer. From 1918 he was deputy chief of staff of the army group in Yekaterinburg and from 1919 in the rank of lieutenant colonel chief of staff of the Czechoslovak Army in Russia.

In the Czechoslovak Army , Všetička held various leadership positions in artillery units from 1920, from 1932 to 1937 he was artillery commander in Brno and from 1937 to 1939 commander of the 15th artillery division in Trenčín .

In March 1939, after the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Wehrmacht , Všetička joined the Obrana národa resistance group , which was made up of officers and soldiers. There he was given the position of commander of the national leadership for Moravia. During the Gestapo's first large-scale arrest against the resistance in the second half of 1939, he was able to flee and hid in Prague . However, on February 29, 1940, while trying to get back to Brno, he was arrested. In June 1940 Všetička and other officers arrested were brought first to Breslau and later to Berlin , first to the Alt-Moabit prison , then to Berlin-Plötzensee. Všetička was sentenced to death in November 1941 and executed on August 19, 1942 .

In October 1946, Bohuslav Všetička was promoted in memoriam to division general.



  1. The sources do not agree on the exact military rank at this time.


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