Bridge chapel

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The Werra bridge in Creuzburg, on the right the bridge chapel

A bridge chapel or bridge church is a church building that was built for the divine protection of bridges and travelers. Bridge chapels and churches were particularly widespread in the Middle Ages , when many bridges over large rivers were equipped with a small chapel on one side of the river.

In 1883 there were about 25 bridge chapels and churches in Germany.

There are bridge chapels at the

Bridgehead churches

A special form of the bridge chapels or churches are the Erfurt bridgehead churches , one of which is still preserved, the Agidienkirche on the Krämerbrücke on the right of the Gera . The Benediktikirche on the Krämerbrücke left and right of the Gera and the Vitikirche on the Lange Brücke were demolished. Only the tower of the Nikolaikirche on the Lehmannsbrücke is still standing. The churches were also used as regular parish churches.

Individual evidence

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