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Brian R. Tufano (* late 1939 in London - Hammersmith ) is a British cameraman .

Live and act

Born in the last quarter of 1939, Tufano began his professional career at the age of 16 as a page at the BBC's Lime Grove Studios . Initially, he worked in a wide variety of auxiliary jobs: Tufano sometimes worked as an assistant to a projectionist, sometimes he accompanied camera crews on night-time recordings in order to learn the basic concepts of recording technology.

Soon he was allowed to make his first own documentary film recordings. He has been photographing BBC productions since 1963, and a film production for the first time the following year. Initially, Tufano's works were mainly short to medium-length documentaries. In the course of the 1960s he got to know the director Jack Gold , who was to give him his first camera assignment for a feature film in 1977. Tufano continued to shoot short and documentary films on the side, and in 1981 he provided some additional shots for Ridley Scott's science fiction film Blade Runner .

In the period that followed, Tufano was behind the camera in a series of unusual, sometimes even very ambitious productions, which were intended to demonstrate his considerable talent as a picture designer beyond the mainstream entertainment. He photographed such diverse materials as Quadrophenia , Dreamscape - Infernal Dreams , Little Murders Among Friends , Trainspotting - New Heroes and Billy Elliot - I Will Dance . Despite intensive work for the Anglo-American cinema, Brian Tufano also remained regularly active for television (especially until 1997). In 1977 he directed two television films ( Rehearsal , A Little Outing ).

Tufano has received a number of film awards for his work and has also been nominated several times, such as B. for the BAFTA Award . He also teaches camera use at England's premier film school, the National Film and Television School .

Filmography (selection)

  • 1963: The Long Journey (medium-length TV documentary)
  • 1964: South Bank (short documentary)
  • 1965: Cliff (TV series)
  • 1966: Man Alive (TV series)
  • 1967: The World of Coppard (TV)
  • 1968: Mrs. Lawrence Will Look After It (TV)
  • 1968: Strip Poker (short film)
  • 1969: Take Three Girls (TV series)
  • 1969: Season of the Witch (TV)
  • 1970: The Lie (TV)
  • 1970: Requiem for Modigliani (TV)
  • 1971: Orkney (TV documentary)
  • 1971: The Search for the Nile (TV documentary)
  • 1972: The Gangster Show - The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui (TV)
  • 1972: Speech Day (TV)
  • 1972: Bouncing Boy (TV)
  • 1973: Blooming Youth (TV)
  • 1973: The Withered Arms (TV)
  • 1973: Nureyev (TV documentary)
  • 1974: Steven (TV)
  • 1974: The Enemy Far Away (TV)
  • 1975: Daft as a Brush (TV)
  • 1975: Moll Flanders (TV two-part)
  • 1975: Three Men in a Boat (TV)
  • 1976: Play Things (TV)
  • 1976: Rogue Male (TV)
  • 1977: The Price of Coal (TV)
  • 1977: Sailor Homecoming ( Sailor's Return )
  • 1978: Quadrophenia
  • 1979: Heavy Metal (WP: 1981)
  • 1980: The Wall (TV)
  • 1981: Murder is Easy (TV)
  • 1982: Cursed be what makes you strong ( The Lords of Discipline )
  • 1983: Dreamscape - Infernal Dreams
  • 1985: Trapped in Silence (TV)


  1. according to the British birth register

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