Federation of historical German shooting brotherhoods

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Federation of Historic German Shooting Brotherhoods
legal form registered association
founding February 27, 1928/1. January 1951
Seat Cologne
Office Leverkusen
precursor Central Association of the Historical German Shooting Brotherhoods
motto For faith, custom and home
Chair Emanuel Prinz zu Salm-Salm (Grand Master),
Robert Kleine (Federal President),
Emil Vogt (Federal Rifle Master), Wolfgang Geneger, Walter Finke (Deputy Federal Rifle Master)
Members 1248 brotherhoods
Website www.bund-bruderschaften.de

The Federation of Historic German Shooting Brotherhoods e. V. (BHDS) was founded on February 27, 1928 under the name Archbruderschaft of St. Sebastianus . It is one of the largest associations of rifle brotherhoods in Germany. It includes around 1,300 brotherhoods with 250,000 active shooters and 600,000 members. It sees itself as the umbrella organization of the German Catholic Rifle Brotherhoods. The association's motto is “For Faith, Customs and Home” .


The association consists of the six diocesan associations Aachen , Essen , Cologne , Münster , Paderborn and Trier with its district associations.

The federation is led by a grand master, the federal rifle master and, as spiritual guide, the federal president. The Federal President has been Msgr. Robert Kleine since 2013. Archbishop Heiner Koch has been Honorary Federal President since 2013.

The largest annual event at the federal level is the Federal Festival , which takes place in September , plus the Federal Queen's Day and the Federal Young Rifle Day . All events take place jointly with a local brotherhood in changing locations.

The youth organization of the federal government is the Bund der St. Sebastianus Schützenjugend (short: BdSJ ). The organ of the association is the association magazine Der Schützenbruder .

There is a close cooperation with the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge . Mutual membership is suggested to the members.


After initially working with the National Socialists , the brotherhood was banned and dissolved on March 5, 1936 because of its opposition behavior. After the war, the brotherhoods were initially reorganized locally. It was not until January 1, 1951, that the diocesan associations merged to form the Central Association of the Historical German Rifle Brotherhoods .

After disputes with the German Shooting Federation , sport shooting was added to the program independently in 1960 . The youth organization was founded three years later. In 1967 the name of the association was changed to the current name.

Thomas Baum's march shooting honor was named the Federal March of the Historic German Rifle Brotherhoods on June 12, 2010 by decision of the Presidium.

On March 12, 2017, the BHDS repealed an earlier resolution in its statutes, according to which homosexuals are not allowed to appear as a royal couple with their life partner and is now also opening up to Muslims .

In March 2020, the BHDS board reported on various attempts by the AfD party to influence the federal government. Emil Vogt spoke of the party's “attempts at appropriation”. In the course of the debate about a stricter gun law in 2019, she specifically contacted the federal government and its brotherhoods and people associated with the AfD from federal states in which no brotherhoods existed offered large donations. The BHDS declined these offers and reported that the AfD was pursuing the goal of "infiltrating shooting and other traditional associations in order to put on a popular cloak" and to be perceived as a people's party.


On March 11, 2012, the Federal Assembly of Representatives in Leverkusen decided that public appearance as a same-sex royal couple was not compatible with the Christian tradition of brotherhoods. Of lesbian and gay associations and other organizations, this was violently as discrimination of homosexuals criticized.

In addition, it says in paragraph 2 of the statute that the brotherhood is "an association of Christian people". In August 2014, a Muslim who became a rifle king in the St. George Brotherhood in Werl , which was part of the historic German shooting association , was denied participation in the district shooting festival and the St. George Brotherhood was threatened with expulsion from the umbrella organization. The Muslim himself was encouraged to convert. This decision was later revised. He was allowed to remain the rifle king, but only to exercise his office for one year and not to advance any further. North Rhine-Westphalia's integration minister and the federal anti-discrimination agency also criticized this decision as insufficient.

Der Spiegel commented on the claim of the Bund für Glaube, Sitte und Heimat with the words: “At these events, the Christian faith is really nothing more than the cover for a wild bird festival. It is a facade, just like uniforms and prom dresses, like updos and medals. Outwardly pious and honest, but actually human and sinner. "

The federal government itself firmly rejected the criticism: The BHDS is an explicitly Catholic brotherhood with a corresponding identity and close ties to the Catholic Church. The membership of non-Christians is generally not compatible with this. Those who did not accept this seemed to want to force “intellectual conformity in Germany”.

In August 2015, the management of the BHDS under Emil Vogt announced that they no longer wanted to discriminate against homosexual people in the future. As members, they could also become the marksman king and form the marksman king couple with their partners. The same should apply to Muslim members in the future.

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