Burgstall Keckenburg

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Burgstall Keckenburg
Aerial view of Rothenstadt with the Keckenburg

Aerial view of Rothenstadt with the Keckenburg

Creation time : Medieval
Castle type : Niederungsburg, moth
Conservation status: Burgstall with crypt chapel
Place: Pastures in the Upper Palatinate - Rothenstadt
Geographical location 49 ° 37 '52.4 "  N , 12 ° 8' 36.7"  E Coordinates: 49 ° 37 '52.4 "  N , 12 ° 8' 36.7"  E
Height: 389.5  m above sea level NHN
Burgstall Keckenburg (Bavaria)
Burgstall Keckenburg

The Postal Keckenburg is an Outbound medieval motte (moth) on the west bank of the Waldnaab about 125 meters northeast of the Church of Roth City , a district of Weiden in the Upper Palatinate in Bavaria . The Keckenburg was the oldest building in the urban area of ​​Weiden.


The castle site lay on an oval, steeply sloping hill measuring 32 by 20 meters immediately west of the Waldnaab, and is surrounded by two ring ditches with a wall in between.

The width of the inner trench is eight meters, its depth from the crest of the intermediate wall is 1.3 meters. This trench is accompanied on the outside by an eight meter wide wall, which is followed by an outer trench. The outer ditch is up to six meters wide and is washed away by the river on the east side of the river. The mountain side in the south was also partially backfilled. The castle hill reaches a height of 2.8 meters on the mountain side and 3.5 meters on the river side, measured from the bottom of the inner trench. The plateau of the hill measures 25 by 10 meters. The crypt chapel of the von Sazenhofen family, built between 1863 and 1865, is located here . The chapel is a neo-Gothic building made of ashlar .

Today the site is registered as a ground monument D-3-6338-0012 "Medieval castle stables' Keckenburg" "by the Bavarian State Office for Monument Preservation .


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