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The coat of arms of the von Brauchitsch family

Carl Friedrich Ludwig von Brauchitsch (* July 24, 1755 in Berlin ; † July 29, 1839 there ) was a Royal Prussian Landstallmeister and long-time general commissioner for the regulation of landlord and rural conditions in Pomerania .

In his function as country stable master, he was responsible for the supervision of the breeding of utility horses and the stud system for the Prussian cavalry . He was especially important for the development of the Trakehner as a dragoon horse.


Brauchitsch came from the Silesian nobility . His parents were the captain of the artillery, Matthäus von Brauchitsch (1712–1757) and his wife Elisabeth, née von Oertzen (1736–1766). Lieutenant General Ludwig Matthias Nathanael Gottlieb von Brauchitsch was his brother.

From August 2, 1787 to April 30, 1789 he was the first independent state stable master at the Trakehnen main stud ( East Prussia ) before he was transferred to the new Neustadt / Dosse main and state stud in Brandenburg .

As late as 1814, Theodor von Hippel , Councilor of State in the State Chancellery, added to the former “ Chief Stable Master in Neustadt ” that “ in 1806 he had courageously and irresponsibly let the French fall into the hands of the stud ”.

Section 59 of the edict for the regulation of landlord and peasant conditions of September 14, 1811 provided for “ a special general commission ” to be set up for each province in order to “ promote and secure ” a “ quick and expert execution ” of the edict . Accordingly, seven “ General Commissaries ” were appointed at the beginning of October with an annual salary of 2,500 thalers , “ for Pomerania the Landstallmeister von Brauchitsch ”. He held this position for fourteen years.

On February 23, 1823, Brauchitsch celebrated his 50th anniversary in service, which was honored by being awarded the Order of the Red Eagle, 2nd class, with oak leaves. In mid-April 1825 his retirement was approved in accordance with his wishes, which he took up in July 1825 with a pension of 2000 Reichstalers. His position was transferred to the previous General Commissioner in Groß-Strehlitz, Count of Haslingen, in the same capacity.

At the end of 1830 he announced his move to Berlin, where he hoped to find more support and medical help because of his feared blindness.

He died as a royal president a. D. at the age of 84, his death was reported in the New Nekrolog der Deutschen (Vol. 17, p. 1167).


On December 30, 1779 he married Juliane von Wobeser (1759–1794). The later Prussian general of the cavalry Karl von Brauchitsch (1780-1858) emerged from the marriage, and in 1818 he married Karoline von Calbo (1790-1823), widowed von Karstedt.

In his second marriage, he married Adolfine von Oertzen (1770–1844) on October 14, 1795 . The couple had the following children:

  • Ida Julie (1796–1871) ⚭ 1819 Gustav Karl Friedrich von Gagern († 1834), Prussian major
  • Eduard (1798–1869), infantry general
⚭ 1820 Elisabeth Juliane Henriette Adolfine Louise von Oertzen (1791–1839), widowed von Dewitz
⚭ 1842 Wilhelmine Auguste von Schenck (1819–1892)
  • Adolf (1800–1876), Secret Chief Justice rat Emilie Helene von Braunschweig (1809–1866)
  • Karl Emil (1801–1881), Lieutenant Colonel ⚭ Marie Luise Adelheide von Braunschweig (1812–1856)
  • Karoline Luise (1803–1878), canoness
  • August Wilhelm (1806–1862) ⚭ 1835 Emma Viktoria von Gagern (1813–1888)
  • Constance Friedrich Viktor (1811-1882)


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