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Carlos Ardila Lülle (born July 4, 1930 in Bucaramanga ) is a Colombian entrepreneur and industrialist of northern German descent, founder, promoter and CEO of the Organización Ardila Lülle , which includes some important and large Colombian companies, such as B. has the TV station RCN Televisión and the beverage manufacturer Postobón under itself. With 2.8 billion US dollars (2017), he is considered the third richest Colombian. Lülle is known in Colombia as the “padre del desarrollo industrial del país” ( father of the country's industrial development ). Its companies have combined annual sales of $ 6.3 billion.


He completed his school education in Zapatoca , Santander . At the age of fifteen he completed his secondary education at the Colegio San Pedro Claver , later he studied civil engineering with a bachelor's degree at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellín . He began his career in the non-alcoholic beverage industry and has continuously expanded his business. Carlos Ardila Lülle experimented in the beverage industry and continues to make significant contributions today. Today he is one of the richest businessmen in Colombia with a fortune of nearly 3 billion US dollars .

His professional career began when he joined his mother-in-law's company, which produced soda water , and created the apple-flavored drink Postobón , which quickly became a top seller in Colombia. With that he built a fortune.

In 1973 Carlos Ardila Lülle bought his first radio station and set up RCN Radio by buying up smaller stations. When the Colombian government privatized television in 1998, he started RCN Televisión , which was now worth more than his radio station. Since 2012 he has worked with Rupert Murdoch together to MundoFox to create a Spanish-language TV channel, which in the US Hispanics is aligned. He currently owns several bottling plants , the largest sugar factory in Colombia and the Colombian football team Atlético Nacional from Medellín .

Organización Ardila Lülle

Ardilo Lülle founded his umbrella organization in 1951, in which around 50 companies are based. The companies in the Organización Ardila Lülle (OAL) are involved in the production and processing of goods and services in the areas of beverages, sugar, media, packaging, food industry, transport, insurance, sports and automobiles, among others. The OAL employs more than 40,000 people.

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