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Charles Peterson (* 1964 ) is an American photographer .

Most of the album covers of grungebands in the Seattle area in the late 80s to mid 90s have a photo of Charles Peterson on them. The Seattle label Sub Pop pursued a concept for the artistic design of their publications at the time: the photos were shot by Charles Peterson, the musical design was taken over by Jack Endino as producer , otherwise the records were kept very simple, some of them weren't even the ones Names of the musicians noted.


Charles Peterson grew up in a suburb of Seattle and met one of the co-founders of sub pops Bruce Pavitt through Mark Arm (later a singer with Green River , then with Mudhoney ) , around whom a circle of artists, promoters and punk fans formed formed the basis for the soon extremely expanding Seattle grunge scene .

Most of the photos were taken during the live performances of the bands, with Charles Peterson having a beer in one hand and a camera in the other right in front of the stage. The photos are mostly in black and white; Blurred and blurred by longer exposure times , they reflect both the energy and movements of the musicians and the crowd during the performance, as well as the melancholy-depressive mood of this music.

The documentation on the Seattle music scene was published in 1995 in the form of a photo book with a foreword by Michael Azerrad and a CD under the title "Screaming Life - A Chronicle of the Seattle Music Scene".

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Publications (books)

  • 1995 Screaming Life - A Chronicle of the Seattle Music Scene
  • 1999 Pearl Jam : Place / Date
  • 2003 Touch Me I'm Sick

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