Christoph von Freyberg-Eisenberg

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Tomb in the collegiate basilica of St. Vitus, Ellwangen

Christoph von Freyberg-Eisenberg (* around 1517 , † March 5, 1584 in Ellwangen ) was a prince provost of the prince provost of Ellwangen in the 16th century .


He was a canon of Augsburg . At the age of about 14 he received the canonical of the deceased canon Joachim von Heudorf in the prince provost's office in Ellwangen in 1531 . On March 8, 1573 he became provost; In the same year the Romanesque gable of the south transept of the collegiate church collapsed (the reconstruction was only carried out under his successor until 1588). In 1576 he resigned himself to his canonics. He died at the age of 67; his marble tomb is located in the north transept of the former monastery church, today's Basilica of St. Vitus .

His nephew Johann Christoph von Freyberg became prince provost in 1613. A total of 20 people from the noble family von Freyberg-Eisenberg -Justingen-Öpfingen-Hürbel were canons of the prince - provost of Ellwangen.


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