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Basic data

developer CA, Inc.
Current  version CA Clarity PPM v15.2
operating system Windows , Linux , Solaris , AIX , HP-UX
category Project and portfolio management
License proprietary
German speaking Yes

Clarity is standard software from CA, Inc. written in the Java programming language for enterprise project and portfolio management (PPM).

CA Clarity PPM offers integrated IT portfolio planning, project management , risk management , idea management , change management , resource planning, and time and cost management. More than 800,000 users in over 900 companies use Clarity.


1999: The then Niku Software GmbH developed the software solution eNiku for the automation of business processes and launched it in 2000.

2001: After the IPO, Niku Corp. the US project management provider Applied Business Technology (ABT). Its Project Manager Workbench (PMW), a product that has been on the market for around 20 years and has been further developed, will be integrated into eNiku. The new eNiku release is called Niku 6, the integrated PMW henceforth Open Workbench .

2004: With the release of version 7, the software was renamed Niku Clarity.

In 2005 the Niku Corp. taken over by what was then Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA).

2006: CA Clarity Version 8 appears.

2008: CA introduces Clarity Version 12. The version jump is done to keep Clarity compliant with the versioning of the CA product lines.


Either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle are used as the database .

Clarity itself consists of one or more application instances (app) and background processes (bg), an administration interface called Clarity system administrator (csa) and a process (beacon) that for multicasting is responsible and thus use on computer clusters allows. An interface based on Extensible Markup Language (XML) called XML Open Gateway (XOG) is responsible for exchanging data with other software, for example from SAP .

In Release 7, Orion Application Server was used exclusively as the application server . With version 8 this was no longer supported and instead the free Apache Tomcat was used in addition to the commercial products BEA Weblogic and WebSphere .

As of Release 12 was as a new report generator of Actuate on Business Objects changed because other CA products also use this software. An interface to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server has also been integrated.

Clarity supports single sign-on and LDAP for authentication of users.

Modules in Clarity

Clarity consists of several modules, whereby project management and resource management are core modules and another module is used for financial accounting.

Project manager

The classic project work with phases, tasks and milestones is the essential component of the Project Manager. The module has features to ensure that company best practice procedures and methods are followed, optimal plans are made, communication barriers are removed and projects are carried out.

Resource Planner

Supports the planning and use of the resource pool of employees and systems in comparison with the dynamic work demand.

Financial manager

Records and plans the costs for project transactions of all kinds. Freely selectable categories make it possible to differentiate between capital expenditures and ongoing expenses for financial reporting, with costs being distributed to customers, business areas or departments.

Portfolio manager

Allows investments and projects to be aligned with company goals so that budget and resources can be used more effectively. This creates a structured environment with scenario engineering for decisions about which projects, programs and initiatives are funded, deferred or dropped.

Demand manager

With the module, ideas, inquiries and applications can be systematically recorded and evaluated. Even in this phase, employees can be assigned and expenses recorded. The Demand Manager enables a holistic view of current and future requirements and ensures a dynamic comparison with the planned projects.

Process manager

Enables the mapping of business processes with workflows and simplifies the optimization and standardization of these processes in the company. Since the Process Manager manages all characteristics belonging to a process, business processes can be automated, are adaptable and reusable.

Data exchange

In addition to Connect for integration with Microsoft Project and Open Workbench, there is an interface based on Extensible Markup Language (XML) called XOG (XML Open Gateway).

Additional modules

In addition to additional modules offered by CA, there are other modules offered by partners.

From CA
  • NPD (New Product Development) for the special requirements in product development and R&D
  • PRINCE2 Accelerator
  • PMO Accelerator (Project Management Office)
Further additional modules
  • EVO for easy company-wide use
  • ITG for the special requirements in IT
  • Advanced Resource Planning for resource management and resource planning in projects

Implementation and customizing

The PPM standard software Clarity is customized by licensed CA partner companies to the specific processes of project-oriented company areas such as IT, product development, research & development or order & service management and distributed for use .

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