clever! - The show that creates knowledge

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Television series
Original title clever! - The show that creates knowledge (episodes 1–79)
Clever! Special (episode 80–83)
Country of production Germany
Year (s) 2003-2009
Constantin Entertainment GmbH
length 45 and from season 8 about 90 minutes
Episodes 79 in 7 + special 4 in 1 season. Total: 83 in 8 seasons
genre Game show , information broadcast , comedy
Theme music The Rolling Stones : Sympathy For the Devil ; The White Stripes : Seven Nation Army ( Clever! Special )
First broadcast January 3, 2004 on Sat.1
  • Kenen Toraç (voice)

clever! - The show that creates knowledge was a popular science television show moderated by Barbara Eligmann and Wigald Boning .


At the show, which used experiments to get to the bottom of everyday phenomena and other scientific questions in a humorous way, you could submit your own questions via the Internet and win 500 euros. Two guests puzzled over the outcome of the respective experiments and stood in a friendly competition for points.

Production and broadcast

The program was broadcast by the television station Sat.1 and was shown in 2013 on its satellite Sat.1 Gold . The show, which was based heavily on other formats such as the Knoff-Hoff Show or the British program Brainiac: Science Abuse , was produced from 2003 to 2009 by Constantin Entertainment GmbH (a subsidiary of Constantin Film AG ) and at prime time broadcast on Sat.1. The episodes were recorded in a studio in Cologne-Ossendorf . On March 12, 2008, the 75th episode aired.


  • A recurring object in clever! was the microwave oven , which is used, among other things, to generate plasma balls .
  • Some facts were partially falsified because for show purposes, for example, instead of black powder, another mixture is ignited, which also makes a “bang” as long as it is not in any container.
  • In one season, an experiment with the super mixer was shown in each episode , in which the behavior of different objects in relation to the sharp knife is demonstrated.

International success

Even foreign TV stations got clever! already sold. The program is broadcast in China ( CCTV ), Italy ( Rai Uno ), Spain , France ( France 2 ), Denmark , Russia , Poland ( TVN ), Hungary , Thailand , the Czech Republic ( Nova ), Romania and Slovakia . The attempt to establish the show in Australia on Channel Nine failed due to a lack of audience interest.

Clever! Special

In January 2009 the concept of the show was changed significantly. So the show was now called Clever! Special and in each issue it was dedicated to a specific topic (e.g. the power of water). In addition, the quiz character of Clever was given up. From Clever! Special were initially broadcast four episodes. In the meantime, the program has been discontinued due to a lack of viewership. The last of the four special episodes gained 8.7 percent market share.


In 2005 the show was awarded the German Television Prize in the category of best entertainment broadcast .


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