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The Community Christ Brotherhood Selbitz is an order within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria .

The community was officially founded on January 1, 1949 by Pastor Walter Hümmer (1909–1972) and his wife Hanna (1910–1977) in Schwarzenbach an der Saale . The actual founding date, however, is Good Friday 1948, as a group came together here that decided to live more closely together and to commit to a modest lifestyle .

The Christ Brotherhood Selbitz has its center on the Wildenberg in Selbitz (Upper Franconia) and has 104 sisters, three brothers and a so-called tertiary community of over 100 married and single people (as of 2017). Branch offices of the community are located in “Hof Birkensee ” near Nuremberg , on Petersberg near Halle (Saale) and in Lutherstadt Wittenberg . Some sisters live in small so-called “city conventions” in Bayreuth , Munich , Leipzig and Augsburg . After the death of the founders, there were disputes about the structure, direction and direction of the community. As a result, 21 siblings left the Christ Brotherhood Selbitz in 1984 and founded the Christ Brotherhood Falkenstein . In April 2018, Sister Birgit-Marie Henniger replaced the previous prioress of the community, Sister Anna-Maria from Wiesche, after 18 years in Selbitz.

The structural ensemble on the Wildenberg in Selbitz is on a hillside elevated above the town of Selbitz on the edge of the forest and essentially comprises three building complexes: the Ordenshaus (formerly called Mother House), the guest house , and the Walter-Hümmer-Haus (old people's and nursing home of the community ). While the old order house is a classic four-wing complex (grouped around a rectangular inner courtyard) that is somewhat reminiscent of traditional monastery architecture (but without a cloister ), the other two building complexes and the extension of the order house are very striking post-war modern buildings in which the material slate is widely used. The expressive roof landscapes of the guest house and the extension of the order house are particularly characteristic of the ensemble . They are made up of staggered and interlocked pent roofs .


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