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The program ComputerTreff was one of the first programs on German television to regularly deal with the topic of computers . The ComputerTreff was broadcast for the first time in 1984. The first programs were designed to accompany the 26-part series "Microelectronics" by NDR Hamburg . The “ NDR-Klein-Computer (NKC)”, a modular computer system based on the Z80 and the 68000 processor, was set up in the program “Microelectronics” .

ComputerTreff was first produced six to twelve times a year on Bavarian television. In the first year, production was carried out in a rehearsal room, after which a large BR studio was available. From 1998 the program was produced in a blue screen studio.

At the beginning the show dealt with the self-made computer NKC , later it took on magazine character. In addition to innovations from the industry, the basics of computer technology were taught and new technologies presented. In the first few years of the program, a 3D broadcast was carried out experimentally, in which viewers with shutter glasses and a self-made interface could enjoy real 3D television.

From 1998 ComputerTreff was only broadcast on BR-alpha. At the same time, the program was partially broadcast on SWF and later on the ORB . In BR-alpha, the program was broadcast alternately with the WDR computer club . At the end of April 2003, the production of the ComputerTreff was discontinued, among other things as a direct result of the discontinuation of the WDR computer club. ComputerTreff (since 1984), together with the WDR Computerclub (since 1983), is one of the longest-produced programs on the subject of computers.

The show's moderators over the years have been Eckhard Huber (editor), Prof. Jürgen Plate , Pierre Joos , Tom Greuelsberg and Rolf-Dieter Klein .

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  1. Former BR show ComputerTreff continues on the Internet , June 20, 2003