Dailey Islands

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Dailey Islands
DAILEY ISLANDS in the southern area of ​​the map sheet
DAILEY ISLANDS in the southern area of ​​the map sheet
Waters McMurdo Ice Shelf and McMurdo Sound
Geographical location 77 ° 53 ′  S , 165 ° 8 ′  E Coordinates: 77 ° 53 ′  S , 165 ° 8 ′  E
Dailey Islands (Antarctica)
Dailey Islands
Number of islands 5
Main island West Dailey Island
Residents uninhabited

The Dailey Islands (also called the Dailey Archipelago ) are a group of five small islands of volcanic origin off the Scott coast of East Antarctica, Victoria . They are located between 8 and 20 km northeast of Cape Chocolate in the northern part of the Ross Ice Shelf , which borders the McMurdo Sound . They include West Dailey Island , Juergens Island , Hatcher Island , Uberuaga Island and Kuechle Island .

Participants in the Discovery Expedition (1901-1904) under the direction of the British polar explorer Robert Falcon Scott discovered and named them. It is named after Frederick Ernest Dailey (1873–1961), the ship's carpenter on this research trip.

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