Dark Figure of Crime

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German title Dark Figure of Crime
Original title Amsusarin ( 암수 살인 )
Country of production South Korea
original language Korean
Publishing year 2018
length 109 minutes
Director Kim Tae-kyun
script Kwak Kyung-taek,
Kim Tae-kyun
music Mok Young-jin
camera Hwang Ki-suk
cut Kim Sun-min
  • Kim Yoon-seok : Kim Hyung-min
  • Ju Ji-hoon : as Kang Tae-oh
  • Jin Seon-kyu: Detective Jo
  • Heo Jin: Ji-hees grandmother
  • Kwon So-hyun: Oh Ji-hee
  • Kim Jong-soo: Capt. Ma-soo
  • Lee Bong-ryun: Kang Sook-yes
  • Bae Hae-sun: Mi-yeong Park
  • Jung Jong-joon: Detective Chief
  • Kim Young-woong: Young-bong
  • Jung Ki-sub: Detective Han
  • Jeon Gook-hwan: Hyung-min's father
  • Won Hyun-joon: Kim Ok-chul

Dark Figure of Crime is a 2018 crime film by South Korean director Kim Tae-kyun . The film is based on a true investigation.


With the help of an informant, police officer Kim Hyung-min finds someone who is said to have been hired 10 years ago to clean up a body. During the conversation, however, the witness Kang Tae-oh is arrested by another police team for the murder of his girlfriend. But a few weeks later, police officer Kim receives a call from Kang Tae-oh that he not only murdered his girlfriend, but a total of seven people. He tells him that he actually murdered his girlfriend, but that the police gave him false evidence. In return for clarification, Kim would receive the list of the seven murdered. Tae-oh describes in detail the location of the shirt and the tape with which he tied his girlfriend. The forensics confirms the authenticity. This also makes Kim unpopular with his colleagues. Everyone advises him to put the cases on hold as Kang is already in jail. But police officer Kim is not deterred and Tae-oh gives him the list of the seven dead. However, Tae-oh wants money and certain things like sunglasses. Kim agrees.

First he investigates the murder of a young woman. He investigates the crime scene that exactly fits Tae-oh's description. Finally, he has the taxi service, for which Tae-oh works as a temporary driver, hand over documents and compares Tae-oh's driving times with reports of missing people. He comes across a young woman named Oh Ji-hee, whose description matches Tae-ohs. When Kim visits the missing girl's grandmother, she tells him that one day her granddaughter never came home. Finally, Kim finds human remains at the crime scene. He invites Tae-oh to an interrogation in the presence of the prosecutor. But when Kim presents his investigation and confronts Tae-oh, he denies everything. Police officer Kim paid him to get a confession. However, he did not kill the people, only buried them on behalf of someone else. During the conversation, Kim receives the results of the bone analysis. The bones are not from Oh Ji-hee. In addition, the time of death was 10 to 12 years ago and is therefore statute-barred.

Kim concludes that Tae-oh wants the police involved in contradicting acts in order to ultimately obtain an attenuating verdict. Still, Kim is convinced that Tae-oh actually murdered the people. But he resolves to be more careful and focuses on a case that is not statute-barred and that took place in a building. He hopes there will be witnesses to this if necessary. He comes across clues that point to Tae-oh as the murderer. However, there is no solid evidence for the judge. After the trial, Tae-oh even wants to renegotiate the murdered friend's case, alleging that the police forced him to testify.

Kim is transferred. But when he looks again at the documents and pictures he has collected, he notices a spiral in the photo of a crime scene . He is looking for women who have had an IUD inserted and have been reported missing. He comes across the ex-girlfriend of Kang Tae-oh. He investigates the case and finds out that as a child he murdered his father, who regularly beat him and his sister. He can gradually understand the entire course of action through his investigations. Another trial followed, and Kang Tae-oh was sentenced to life imprisonment . Kim does not let go of Oh Ji-hee's murder, and he continues to investigate to solve Tae-oh's murders.


The film opened in South Korean cinemas on October 3, 2018 and had a total of almost 3.8 million visitors.

Dark Figure of Crime received positive reviews. Yoon Min-sik emphasizes the excellent performance of the two main actors Ju and Kim. In a positive way, the film does not dramatize the events and remains exciting until the end. It is an extraordinary film with a strong direction and convincing plot. Yonhap's Park Boram noted above all the growing tension between the detective and the convict. Both actors are currently at the top of their careers.


Korean Association of Film Critics Awards 2018

  • Award for Best Screenplay for Kwak Kyung-taek and Kim Tae-kyun
  • In the list of Best 11 Films of the Year

Blue Dragon Awards 2018

  • Award for Best Screenplay for Kwak Kyung-taek and Kim Tae-kyun

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