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Sexy Thing (feat. Dony )
  NL 22nd December 26, 2009 (7 weeks)
So Bizzare (feat. Dony)
  NL 36 05/29/2010 (2 weeks)

David Deejay (* 10. December 1980 in Bârlad as Adi Cristian Colceru ) is a Romanian DJ , music producer and composer in the field of Dance - House - and electronic pop music .

David Deejay is the first Romanian artist who managed to deliver five number one hits in a row. He is also a music producer. He has already worked with the singer Dony, the singer Ela Rose, the DJ Mossano and Laurențiu Duță , who also works as a music producer.

During his music career, Colceru has received numerous awards, such as: B. the Romanian Music Award for Best DJ.

At the beginning of 2014, Colceru announced on the Internet that he would not be performing any live after the end of the year. Ä. Will give more. He will end his career as a DJ for the time being. Personal reasons speak for his decision. But he still wants to deal with the music.

life and career

Colceru was born in Bârlad in 1980. He attended the primary school located there from 1987 to 1991 and later the middle school from 1991 to 1997. He graduated from secondary school. During his school days Colceru began taking violin lessons at the age of 16.

In 2003 he moved from his hometown to Bucharest , where he met producer Laurențiu Duță. This was the beginning of his career. With the help of Duță he soon began to produce songs for various Romanian bands. These include u. a. Hi-Q , Akcent and 3rei Sud Est , of which Duță himself is a member. In the same year Colceru began to work under the name David Deejay in clubs and discos in Bucharest with the help of Duță, in addition to his work in the studio .

In 2008 he met the singer Dony , who was until then a member of Refflex , a pop duo with Cristian Dumitrescu. After Dony's decision to work with Deejay, the two recorded their first song together, Sexy Thing , which immediately became a number one hit upon release. The song Nasty Dream , which was released that same year, also made it to number one on the charts.

With the singer Ela Rose, Colceru produced the single I can feel in 2009 , which reached third place in the Romanian Top Ten, and in the Netherlands the song even climbed to second place in the Netherland Top 40.

The three later released songs So Bizzare and Temptation with Dony and Indianotech with Mossano landed at number one in the charts.

At the end of 2009 Colceru began working with Dony on the first joint studio album Popcorn , which was released on February 10, 2010. The album contains 14 tracks, including three EPs and one remix.

At the beginning of 2014 Colceru announced on his website and later on Facebook that he wanted to end his career as a DJ for the time being. Too many personal reasons speak for it. However, he wants to continue working as a music producer and support musicians and singers in their production of songs and compilations. His last published song so far is I'm done in a duet with Ela Rose, which did not reach a chart position.



  • 2010: Popcorn (with Dony)


  • 2008: Sexy Thing (feat. Dony)
  • 2008: Nasty Dream (feat. Dony)
  • 2009: I can feel (feat. Ela Rose)
  • 2009: So Bizzare (feat. Dony)
  • 2010: Temptation (feat. Dony)
  • 2010: Jacuzzi (feat. Dony)
  • 2010: Indianotech ( feat.Mossano )
  • 2011: Perfect 2 (feat. P Jolie & Nonis)
  • 2011: No U No Love (feat. Ela Rose & Gino Manzotti)
  • 2011: Magnetic (feat.Ami)
  • 2012: I'm done (feat. Ela Rose)

Success title

The following songs composed and / or produced by David Deejay reached the Romanian charts.

year title Interpreter Charts
2004 Sufletul meu plange Delia 1
Eu beu Pavel Stratan 1
2006 Jokero Accent 1
French kiss Accent 2
Încă de noapte DJ Project 1
2007 King of Disco Accent 1
Lacrimi de înger DJ Project 18th
Iubirs 3rei Sud Est 1
N-ai crezut in mine 3rei Sud Est 1
2008 Sexy thing Dony feat. David Deejay 1
2009 Nasty Dream Dony feat. David Deejay 1
So bizzare Dony feat. David Deejay 1
I can feel Ela Rose feat. David Deejay 5
Indianotech Mossano feat. David Deejay 1
Havana lover Morris 1
2010 Zingarinho Mossano 3
Temptation Dony feat. David Deejay 1
2011 Perfect 2 P Jolie & Nonis feat. David Deejay 10
2012 Trumpet Lights Ami feat. DJ Sava 1
Una Serenada Mossano feat. Ami 6th
2013 Otra vez Ami 3
Déjà-vu Grasu XXL feat. Ami 1
2014 Striga Puya feat. Inna 2
I promise you Mossano feat. Ami 10
Playa en Costa Rica Ami 3
Pe aripi de vânt Delia 1
2015 Și îngerii au demonii lor Dan Bitman 1
Avioane de hartie Shift feat. Andra 1
Al tau Impiedicat Vescan feat. Ligia 6th
Somnul nu mă la Ami 60

Awards and nominations

Romanian Music Awards Won

  • 2008: in the “Best DJ” category for Sexy Thing
  • 2009: in the “New Sound Creator” category for Nasty Dream
  • 2010: in the “Best Pop” category for Temptation


  • 2008: in the “Best New Act” category for Sexy Thing
  • 2008: in the “Best Song” category for Sexy Thing
  • 2009: in the “Best Dance” category for Nasty Dream
  • 2009: in the “Best DJ” category for Nasty Dream
  • 2010: in the “Best Album” category for popcorn
  • 2012: in the “Best Dance” category for So Bizarre

MTV Europe Music Awards

  • 2009: in the category "Best Romanian Act"

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