Delmore Brothers

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Delmore Brothers
General information
Genre (s) Old-Time Music , Country Music ( Country Boogie , Country Gospel )
founding 1930
resolution 1952
Founding members
Alton Delmore
Vocals , guitar
Rabon Delmore
Guitar, vocals

The Delmore Brothers were an American country duo best known for their appearances in the Grand Ole Opry between 1932 and 1938.


Childhood and youth

Alton ( December 25, 1908 - June 9, 1964 ) and Rabon Delmore ( December 3, 1916 - December 4, 1952 ) came from the Cumberland Mountains in Alabama . They were the sons of a farmer who came from Elkmont . The two brothers started playing guitar at an early age. When Rabon was ten years old, they began to make music together.


The Delmore Brothers began their professional careers by winning a fiddle competition. In 1931 they played successfully to Columbia Records and a year later, also successfully, under the direction of the Grand Ole Opry. The Delmore Brothers initially played blues-oriented country music, with the brothers' Close Harmony vocals being accompanied by two unobtrusive guitars. Later the acoustic guitars were supplemented by bass, steel guitar and other instruments. From 1932 the Delmore Brothers recorded together with Fiddlin 'Arthur Smith records, known among other things is Black Blossom Rag . A year later, the two brothers switched completely to Bluebird Records , a sub-label RCA Victors . They continued to play a blues-like style. Known include the Rounder's Blues and I've Got The Big River Blues . Their song Alabama Lullaby , recorded for Columbia in 1931 , became their signature title, which they played at the beginning of every radio show.

Hillbilly Boogie, 1946

After a label change to King Records in the mid-forties , they continued to develop in the direction of western swing and, above all, country boogie . In 1946, their Freight Train Boogie reached second place on the country charts. The brothers used mostly self-written material. Alton alone composed over a thousand songs. From 1943 they occasionally played gospel music with Merle Travis and Grandpa Jones under the name Brown's Ferry Four .

The Delmore Brothers' success continued until the early 1950s. In 1951 they had their first and only number 1 hit: Blues Stay Away From Me . Rabon died of lung cancer in 1952. Alton recorded a few more insignificant records, began drinking, and died impoverished on June 9, 1964.

In their long and successful career, the Delmore Brothers exerted an influence on other musicians that should not be underestimated, such as the Everly Brothers or the Louvin Brothers . The duo posthumously received the highest honor in country music in 2001: they were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame . They also received awards from the Alabama Music Hall of Fame and, due to their early influence on rockabilly , from the Rockabilly Hall of Fame .



year title Remarks
Columbia Records
1933? Got The Kansas City Blues / Alabama Lullaby
Decca Records
1940 Theres Trouble On My Mind / Silver Dollar
1940 In The Blue Hills Of Virginia / Old Mountain Dew
1940 Make Room In The Lifeboat For Me / Gathering Flowers From The Hill
1940 She Wont Be My Lil Darling / Broken Hearted Lover
Bluebird Records
1940 Raining On The Mountain / That's How I Feel, So Goodbye
1941 Will You Be Lonesome Too / Wh Its Time For Whipoorwil
1941 Gospel Cannonball / Precious Jewel
1941 Last Night I Was Your Only One / Now I Have Bugle To Play
1941 The Storms Are On The Ocean / Happy On The Mississippi Shore
1941 Heart Of Sorrow / Promise Me You'll Always Be Faithful
1941 That Yodelin 'Gal, Miss Julie / Take Me Back To The Range
1942 I'll Never Fall In Love Again / New False Hearted Girl
King Records
1946 Sweet Sweet Thing / Prisoner's Farewell
1946 Last Old Shovel / Remember I Feel Lonesome
1946 Midnite Special / Why Did You Leave Me Dear
1946 Lonely Moon / Be My Little Pet
1946 Last Old Shovel / Remember I Feel Lonesome
1946 Midnite Special / Why Did You Leave Me Dear
1946 Lonely Moon / Be My Little Pet
1946 Fast Express / I've Found An Angel
1946 Hillbilly Boogie / I'm Sorry I Caused You To Cry
1946 I'm Lonesome Without You / She Left Me Standing On The Mountain
1946 Don't Forget Me / Midnite Train
1946 Freight Train Boogie / Somebody Else's Darling
Decca Records
1947 Honey I'm Ramblin 'Away / I'm Leavin' You
1947 Gospel Cannonball / Precious Jewel
King Records
1947 Mississippi Shore / Browns Ferry Blues
1947 Boogie Woogie Baby / Born To Be Blue
1947 Harmonica Blues / Rounders Blues
1948 Used car blues / barnyard boogie
1948 Mobile Boogie / Waitin 'For That Train
1948 Darby's Ram / Take It On Out The Door
1948 Take It To The Captain / Peach Tree Street Boogie
1948 Shame On Me / Stop That Boogie
1948 Now I'm Free / Fifty Miles To Travel
1949 Weary Day / Down Home Boogie
1949 Wrath Of God / Calling To That Other Shore
1949 Blues Stay Away From Me / Going Back To Blue Ridge Mountains
1949 Pan American Boogie / Trouble Ain't Nothin 'But The Blues
1950 Sand Mountain Blues / I Swear By The Stars
1950 Some Day You'll Pay / My Heart Will Be Crying
1950 Blues You Never Lose / Life's Too Short
1951 I Let The Freight Train Carry Me On / Please Be My Sunshine
1951 Gotta Have Some Lovin '/?
1951 Lonesome Day / Everybody Lovers Her
1951 Tennessee Choo Choo / Who's Gonna Be Lonesome For Me
1951 Girl By The River / There's Something Bout Love
1951 I Won't Be Worried Long / Good Time Saturday Night
1951 Heartbreak Ridge / Kentucky Woman
1951 I'll Be There / Steamboat Bill Boogie
1952 Muddy Water / Got No Way Of Knowing
1952 How You Gonna Get Your Lovin 'Done / I Said Goodnight My Darling
1952 That Old Train / I Needed You
1953 What'cha Gonna Give Me / Trail Of Time
Starday Records
195? Blues Stay Away From Me / Freight Train Boogie
King Records
1959 Blues Stay Away From Me / Muddy Water
1960 Silver Threads Among The Gold / Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
1962 Blues Stay Away From Me / Trouble Ain't Nothing But The Blues
1964 Freight Train Boogie / Sweet Sweet Thing
Starday Records
196? Blues Stay Away From Me / Freight Train Boogie
Gusto Records
1978 Blues Stay Away From Me / Freight Train Boogie


  • 1957: Sacred Songs
  • 1958: All Time Favorite Songs
  • 1962: 30th Anniversary Album
  • 1964: In memory
  • 1964: In Memory, Volume 2
  • 1966: Wonderful Sacred Songs
  • 1966: 24 Great Country Songs
  • 1970: Best Of The Delmore Brothers
  • 1975: The Best Of The Delmore Brothers
  • 1983: Volume 1 - Weary Lonesome Blues
  • 1984: Volume 2 - Singing My Trouble Away
  • 1985: Volume 3 - Early Sacred Songs
  • 1985: Volume 4 - Lonesome Yodel Blues
  • 1985: When They Let The Hammer Down (with Wayne Raney )
  • 1994: Freight Train Boogie
  • 1995: Sand Mountain Blues
  • 1995: Brown's Ferry Blues
  • 2002: Introduced Into The Country Music Hall Of Fame 2001
  • 2004: Classic Cuts: 1933–1941 (4 CDs)
  • 2005: Blues Stay Away From Me 1931–1951 (2 CDs)
  • 2005: Fifty Miles To Travel
  • 2006: Vol. 2 - The Later Years - 1933–1952 (4 CDs)

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